I've spoken with very few people that don't think racism is a problem.

I think most people recognize it and even see it around them.

What is most shocking to me is that those screaming the loudest are blind to racism from those screaming the loudest.

Racism IS racism.
But they "aren't comfortable" admitting that racism against certain groups exists. As if it's okay to be racist against someone because their ancestors were racist. Or because they hold positions of power.

This baffles me.

Races aren't racist. Racists are.
It's usually justified as "Well, you're just blind to your privilege. You're just refusing to see it."

Isn't that ironic?
If I moved to Japan, and was homeless. Would it then be impossible for me to be racist?


Is a Black person living in Uganda inherently racist and the benefactors of privilege?


Population totals of a race don't determine racism.

Racism does.
How long before the definition of racism gets changed?

After all, the third definition in the image below instantly takes my mind to one of the prevailing "theories" by the "intellectuals" out there.

I won't be surprised when the definition is changed to fit the narrative.
I wouldn't even be surprised if those that consider themselves my "opponents" would label this thread as a "racist rant".

Of course, I'm sure (I assume) they've already got a picture in my head of what race I am.

As if anything I said is tied to race.

Astonishingly ignorant.
Astonishingly racist.
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