The lack of history in Nigeria keeps deepening our wounds & divisions. Everyday, hateful, fabricated &/or one sided versions of history manifests. Today it’s Awolowo, tomorrow it’s Gowon, then Ojukwu. Awo wasn’t responsible for Biafra, stop fabricating history based on emotions.
If you blame Awo for Biafran misfortunes or deaths, then you can as well blame Ojukwu too for going to war half prepared & then absconding & leaving his people to face the aftermath. A lot of injustice has happened & continues to happen to the Igbos. I write that everyday. But...
Our Igbo brothers must understand that consistently trading blame games with all forms of distorted versions of history as though the war was a Christmas party where Nigerian soldiers simply rounded them up at the party & killed them without warning does no good to anyone.
Several versions of recorded history show that Awolowo made very many attempts to intervene on behalf of the Igbos in the periods after the war. To heap the blame on him as Minister of finance is ridiculous. Even Ojukwu didn’t blame Awo & thought highly of him in his memoirs.
Let’s address our history and correct the injustices. But not to constantly make enemies of every tribe & deepen divisions while at it. There were enemies of Igbos post the war, Awolowo wasn’t one of them. That’s why it’s important to read from authors on every side of the war.
The way there are books by Igbos, there are books by Northerners & westerners. Broaden your scope. We mustn’t make same mistakes as our fathers. Creating divisions based on contorted history/emotions leads nowhere. Together, we can fight injustice - whatever it means to everyone.
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