FAM & friends,
Spare me few minutes of your time this Sunday.
When it comes to matters of life & death many folks on this bird app rarely hold back words of compassion, some even go as far as dedicating threads while few genuinely share of their sweat in cash & kind. These
acts no doubt are laudable & should be encouraged but when examined under the lens of growth, one will realize that their continuation is a sad quick fix that do more harm than good given the known powers of Habit on the human reality & sadly may become our truth dictating
the components of our belief system of which every aspiration & accomplishment is built.
This obviously makes us more reactive then proactive & no reactive group of people can develop itself let alone be competitive/strong enough to keep off encroachment. Thus the need for
this thread.
Today 28 June 2020 being National Insurance Awareness Day, I want you to know that most of these matters like car accidents, healthcare expenses, property damages due to fire, flood/dispossession due to theft, tuition fees, business challenges, construction risks
export/import risks can be effectively managed with Insurance. I know this not bcos I once sold insurance but bcos I have been an advocate far about 2 years now.
Though my background is Sociology, insurance place in the functioning of the society is vital thus my commitment
to its advocacy ever since I happened on it.
Just like you, I once thought it's fraud & unreliable though my American movie mind knows it's a Nigerian factor.
All this changed when I delved deeper into the industry mainly cos I couldn't come to terms with why it's about 2m
subscribers over 5 decades.
So don't be surprised when you see my tweets about insurance, nothing has changed. I still believe Sports is key to our development & I'm much committed.
Of course I know this thread is somehow vague not to worry you'll see the benefits very soon.
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