Why I want a Sidharth Shukla in my life, a thread. 🦋💖 @sidharth_shukla
the way he wrapped his hand around sana, Please the cutest thing ever. 🥺 #SidNaaz
Friends tou aate jaate rahenge... all attention for sana 🌚💖 #SidNaaz
Obedient shuklaji, then comes back to his og harqat or admiring his gadhi. 🥺 #SidNaaz
He was so fcking happy when veham was played, even though I am sure he would not have understood half of it, but he was so proud of his Moti! 🥺💖
I mean I’d find a thousand caps him doing this, giving the tightest hugs!! 😭😭 #SidNaaz
If someone looks at me w half of the instensity and admiration sid looked at sana, bruh mai wahi go went gone!! 😭😭 #SidNaaz
Sid always joined sana in her madness, let her be what she is with him💖🥺 #SidNaaz
Random romantic dance! 🥺🖤 #SidNaaz #SidNaaz
The kind of sukoon sid had on his face, my heart🥺 #SidNaaz
Lmao the way they had code words and used their own Lang to talk to each other!! 😭😭 #SidNaaz
The way he rubbed her hands when she was feeling anxious!! Also he massaged her hands when she was in pain. 🥺 #SidNaaz
Taaareeef, taareeef and tareeff!! 😭😭
Is it just me or aisa hotay k puri duniya aapki tareef karde, you don’t give a single F but you want to hear your tareef from that one single person?!🤡 #SidNaaz
The way he used to be so concerned about her, he used to console her, be patient w her. 🥺 #SidNaaz
He used to keep listening while sana used to do her chattar-pattar, bruh they even enjoyed chopping together!!! 🥺💖 #SidNaaz
He was always w her when she used to come in her sherawali mata mode and bajao other contestants 😈🌚 also when she was proved right in Himanshi controversy he was really proud of her 💙💙 #SidNaaz
A guy who’d look at me while I’m doing my makeup? Yes sir, please 🥺💖 #SidNaaz
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