Hey there, @cuhians
Is it just me who isn't getting hold of online classes happening these days ?
It sure does scares me that for how long this new NORMAL will be a part of our lives ? Though I'm not against online classes......
it sure does serves the purpose but to me personally they can never be replacement of traditional education system
I mean, think about it? Even the kids who are in their early years of education are being asked to attend these online classes...
Obv. You cannot do any kind of extracurricular activities, no sports, no classroom learnings.
Education especially in early ages of student life in these online classes certainly don't help students develop their personalities, character or nourishes their overall well-being.
Apart of that, you build strong bond with your friends, teachers and the community around in the university which isn't the case anymore.
Let's hope we get to go to our schools, colleges, universities again very soon.
Are you guys in favor of online classes or not?
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