On Friday I had my first ever job interview via @zoom_us. It reminded me of the utter horror of the flailing, incoherent speech I gave in HS (while in a panic induced haze), when running for class treasurer. And I was running unopposed.

F’ing class treasurer (why?)

Reflecting on that experience and the emotional scar which remains, provides a brief respite from the daily nightmare of my current life as a Covid casualty:

Jobless and no income for 3 months, as smug politicians, “celebs,” & #fakenews toy with lives based on politial whims
Now we are going backwards.

This is NO “second wave.”

What we are experiencing is simply the delayed inevitability of the herd finally being allowed out of lockdown by its masters.
The “science” is bullshit and the “experts” are worthless.
My days (I call them all #sameday), lately consist of poring over the same 2 and 3 month old job postings while thinking about how much I want to bash some fucking heads in every time I turn on the tv or radio.

Thank you for letting me rant 🤗
I admit to inserting a little melodrama throughout this thread 😊

And no, I’m not standing on a ledge. But nonetheless, at this moment in time, this is my life.

It isn’t my intent to drown you in negativity. But if this resonated with any of you, please know you’re not alone 🤗
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