~My sister jokes so don’t take offense pls~ Both of my sisters recently started stanning bts, I’ve recently got into got7 and have difficulty still learning all the name and who’s who. And this girl, she goes “another group? What about bts?” And I go “I still love bts” ....
And she goes “wooowww, a side group” and I go “what” and she goes “bts is like the pizza and got7 is like breadsticks, you go for the main dish instead of the side dish” so I start showing her You Calling My Name and Not By The Moon and she goes “as they are pleasing to the eye-
“Imma have to stick with bts” THEN SHE STARTS COMPARING BTS AND GOT7 MEMBERS. I swear I wanted to punch her but that’s all for this thread haha
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