Hi, on the occasion of #ElonMusk's birthday, I'm listing down his impressive accomplishments till now. Brace yourselves, this is going to be quite a long read. I'm sure that I've missed a lot.🐣
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1984 : At just 12 years old, he coded and published a space fighting game called “Blastar” which later sold for $500 to trade publication PC and Office Technology magazine.
1994 : He worked at a gaming startup called Rocket Science Games.
1995 : Started a company called 'Zip2' which developed and marketed an internet city guide for the newspaper publishing industry, with maps, directions and yellow pages, with the vector graphics mapping and direction code being implemented by Musk in Java.
He sold it in February 1999 for $307 million, he receive $22 million for his 7% share in it.
At 24 years old, with $22 million anyone could/would retire, & drink Mojito's in the sun the rest of their life.
1995 : one month after selling Zip2, he creates http://X.com ..
..an online financial services and e-mail payment company, with US$10 million from the sale of Zip2.
1996 : Merged with 'Confinity' which had a money-transfer service called PayPal. The merged company focused on the PayPal service and was renamed PayPal in 2001.
2000 : Musk is ousted from his role of Paypal CEO (he stays on the board)
2001: Musk conceived Mars Oasis, an idea to land miniature experimental greenhouse on Mars, containing food crops growing on Martian regolith, in an attempt to reawaken public interest in space exploration.
2002 : In February, he realises he can build his own rockets for a lot cheaper.
2002 : In May, he found SpaceX.
2002 : In October, PayPal was acquired by eBay for US$1.5 billion in stock, of which Musk received US$165 million.
2004 : In February, Elon led the Series A round of investment in 'Tesla Motors' (he did not find it), and become chairman of the board.
2006 : he founds SolarCity.
2008 : Elon become CEO and product architect for Tesla.
2008 : in September, SpaceX's Falcon 1 rocket became the..
..first privately funded liquid-fueled vehicle to put a satellite into Earth orbit.
2013 : Hyperloop concept
2015 : OpenAI
2015 : In January, SpaceX announces 'Starlink' to provide satellite Internet access.
2015: In December, the first time in history that a rocket first stage..
..returned to Earth after propelling an orbital launch mission and achieving a controlled vertical landing.
2016 : Neuralink
2016 : In April, the first successful first-stage landing on an ASDS occurred in April 2016 on the drone ship Of Course I Still Love You.
2016 : In August, Tesla (ex SolarCity division) announces the Solar Tile Roof.
2017 : The Boring Company.
2017 : In March, first operational reuse of a previously-flown Falcon 9 booster.
2018 : In February, Falcon Heavy first launch, the most powerful rocket in operation..
..(4th most powerful in history), and dual booster recovery, and a Tesla Roadster ent to a trans-Mars injection heliocentric orbit.
2018 : In November, the third flight of a reused booster
2019 : In April, 2nd Falcon Heavy flight, 1st commercial flight, all 3 boosters landed!
2019 : In June, 3rd Falcon Heavy flight which re-used the booster from the 2nd flight in April.
2019 : Tesla completed Dragon 1 demo mission and started Dragon 2.
2020 : In May, The first private company to send humans into orbit and to the International Space Station.
This man's career has impacted global finance/banking, global car industry, global energy, space industry & he's about to impact the communication industry. His achievements in industries are usually heavily regulated by govts & guarded by the companies that r already dominating.
The software industry had a pretty incredible history that has impacted mankind for the past +40 years, but Elon's companies are making infrastructure changes and impacting the world in the way that was usually done by whole nations and their governments. #ElonMusk @elonmusk 🤠
He revolutionized industries that were stagnant for decades. I just love this man!✨ Such a Legend! #ElonMusk 🌠🌝
Comment down his achievements if you think that I've missed it. I'll also add his future achievements in this thread. Thanks for reading! Retweets are appreciated :)
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