The provincial administration was for decades, the long arm of the govt.

Provincial Commissioners, District Commissioners and District Officers were little tin gods that lorded over the masses with some ascending to great power and untold riches.
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Some of the PCs, DCs and DOs that bestrode the land dressed in their khaki uniforms and pith helmets, were trained by T.J.F. Gavaghan...

...a brutal savage who invented the "dilution techniques" used in colonial detention camps.
Along with J Cowan, commissioner of prisons, Gavaghan, who was DO in charge of Rehabilitation at Mwea camp, perpetrated so much brutality that he was moved and placed in charge of training the colonial administration in 1961.
It was no coincidence, then, that at independence, the Under-secretary in charge of Provincial Administration was Jeremiah Kiereini.

Caroline Elkins in Britain's Gulag describes Kiereini as overseeing the torture of Kenya Land and Freedom Army suspects in detention camps.
The Moi and Kenyatta regimes used the provincial administration to great effect, with Moi deploying them as returning officers at election time.

Voice of Kenya was even at times derisively referred to as the Voice of Provincial Commissioners (Hornsby)
Eliud Mahihu, a Kenyatta-era Coast PC gained notoriety early for overflying the forests during the emergency and announcing that the struggle was over in order to lure out freedom fighters.
Another graduate of the Gavaghan School of Leadership was Isaiah Mathenge, DC Homa Bay, PC Rift Valley and later MP in the Moi era.

As head of Kandongu detention camp, Mathenge was brutal to detainees.
After independence and as a PC, Mathenge was said to have been the largest landowner in Nyeri County.

He lost his MP seat in 1997 and died in 2006.

On Land Ownership -

On his days as head of Kandongu Detention Camp -
Ishmael Chelanga, Rift Valley PC in the early 90s, was one of those accused of instigating the 1992 land clashes. He died in a helicopter crash in 2013.
He was also involved in Mau forest allocations

"Mbugua who was then the Nakuru DC, he alleges, signed allotment cards while Chelanga issued the allotment letters."

Kinuthia Mbugua a former DC later became Nakuru Gov & is now State House Comptroller.
Once christened Kenya's Loose Cannon by the BBC, Simeon Nyachae, son of Senior Chief Musa Nyandusi, was a DO in the colonial government, a PC in the Kenyatta govt, Chief Secretary under Moi and Minister for Energy, then Roads, under Kibaki.
John Njoroge Michuki son of Senior Chief Michuki wa Kagwi was DO Nyanza, the first African DC, PS Finance under Kenyatta, Assistant Minister Finance under Moi and Minister of Roads & Transport and later Environment, under Kibaki.
Fred Waiganjo, long time Nairobi PC under president Moi was the son of Waiganjo wa Ndotono, a colonial-era tribal headman who was deported alongside Harry Thuku in 1922.
Wa Ndotono, Waiganjo's dad, had in 1947 helped raise funding for Dr Gikonyo Kiano to study in Philadelphia, US in 1947 Alongside Jesse Kariuki and James Beauttah of the Kikuyu Central Association 
Benson Kaaria was PC of North Eastern Province when the Wagalla and the forgotten Bulla Karatasi massacres took place in the 1980s.

African Uncensored has a detailed account of the events on this thread -
Other notable PCs include:

Isaiah Cheluget: Rift Valley
Joseph Kaguthi: Nyanza
Charles Murgor: Nyanza
Nicolas Mberia: Eastern
Francis Lekolol: Nairobi
Francis Sigei: Nairobi
Peter Raburu: Central
Timothy Sirma: Coast
David Musila: Central
Cyrus Maina: Nairobi
Then there's the poster child, Total Man, Nicholas Biwott

Biwott served as a DO in Nkubu, Meru District from 1964 to 1965, before returning to the University of Melbourne in 1966

He was Moi's aide and right hand man, and feared by all and sundry...
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