OK you've heard weeks of all the people extolling the manifest BENEFITS of moving to Parler.


You know, the things the Parler promoters are **not** telling you yet.

Read this thread: https://twitter.com/DoppelMark/status/1276316511808954371?s=20
wut? https://twitter.com/DoppelMark/status/1276320504392159234?s=20
You're kidding me? https://twitter.com/DoppelMark/status/1276321671029444609?s=20
Interesting... https://twitter.com/DoppelMark/status/1276482235126947840?s=20
I have discovered this is true. https://twitter.com/DoppelMark/status/1276505601179254784?s=20
wut again? https://twitter.com/reckless/status/1276218637754531840?s=20
and...deal breaker for me right here. https://twitter.com/DoppelMark/status/1276686129354412033?s=20
Every person who was paid to promote this, why am I only finding this out now?

Are millions of Conservatives being led into a new Conservative ghetto from which they will become completely invisible to the outside world? https://twitter.com/DoppelMark/status/1276690485889900544?s=20
It's brilliant if this was an actual strategy. Get the Conservatives to SILENCE themselves outside a bubble to promote 'free speech'.

We retreat in the culture war into a silo where we all talk to people who already agree with us.
Any Conservatives who retreated behind the Parler login wall and abandoned their accounts on this platform is now invisible for the upcoming election. https://twitter.com/DoppelMark/status/1277063017461624832?s=20
The login wall is the biggest change Parler would have to make to keep me using it.
Even though this is a biased and unfair platform, they can't STOP Trump from getting his message out. He moves to Parler, how many of 82 million followers go over with him?

And something nobody is considering....

How does he reach THEM on Parler?

Those are the people he needs to make a pitch to, so they crossover and vote for him 4 months from now. He moves to Parler and he can't reach them.
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