(HISTORY) In 2017, Turkey's murderous autocrat Recep Erdogan caused a violent clash in DC. Erdogan—who has leverage via Trump's Turkish business interests—had his men beat innocent women and kids *and* U.S. law enforcement. Trump did nothing. Just like with Putin and the Taliban.
PS/ Readers of Proof of Corruption will find, over and over, that *every* new Trump horror has a precedent.

Trump let the Turks beat up our cops and Secret Service agents *in the streets of DC* and did *nothing* because Erdogan *owns* him. It presaged Putin killing our soldiers.
PS2/ To please Netanyahu and Mohammed bin Salman—two men he colluded with prior to the 2016 presidential election—Trump lied to America about *every facet* of his attempted assassination of an Iranian general. Who suffered? *200 U.S. soldiers* suffered *traumatic brain injuries*.
PS3/ Our Kurdish allies guarded untold thousands of ISIS fighters on our behalf in Syria. They lost *10,000* men fighting off US enemies there. But when Erdogan stamped his jackboot and demanded Trump come to heel by letting him invade Syria, Trump let the Kurds be *slaughtered*.
PS4/ Trump rewarding Putin for paying bounties to have our soldiers killed is just *another incident* in a *long line of betrayals* of U.S. law enforcement, U.S. soldiers, and U.S. allies.

And *every single time* the reason is the same: because someone else is paying Trump more.
PS5/ Trump isn't just a bad president—though he's a bad president. He isn't just a craven monster—though he's a craven monster. He isn't just a career criminal—though he's a career criminal. He's also a *traitor to the United States*. Over and over and over again, he's a traitor.
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