In journalism school they teach you to “show, don’t tell.” So... a former longtime CBC union staffer posted this article in a private CBC Facebook group.The article called the people who leaked Wendy Mesley’s use of the N-word to the @CANADALAND news site a “rat” & “snitches”.1/5
Exhibit #2: Not satisfied with just posting the article our former union rep then posted the below comments - about those who had aired CBC’s “dirty laundry” and shown “disloyalty.”
Exhibit #3: Another former longtime CBC union staffer then writes that anyone “accusing” CBC of systemic racism is pedalling “bullshit” & that the notion is “absurd.”
Exhibit #4: This is how our union responded to the article.
To be clear, this is not about whether our union should support Wendy Mesley or not. They are obliged to since she is a member. This is about whether they should cheerlead calling our junior colleagues snitches & rats & exposing them to the fallout of being labelled that. 5/5
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