Gov't AU Part 3 (Split for Convenience)
Several months back, when Katsuki had been feeling a different but equally intense sort of pain in his mouth, his parents had taken him to the dentist. As such a potent alpha, Katsuki matured much faster than other teens, and that apparently applied to all aspects of his body.
His wisdom teeth had come in, and the oral surgeon put him under anesthesia to remove them. Katsuki remembered waking up and feeling like he'd been hit by a freight train, in a dissociative state where he had no idea who or what he was or how he got there.
He'd spent the longest time staring into space, brows knitted in concentration as he tried to make sense of the universe, to string some words together to create a coherent sentence. It was one of the most frustrating moments of his life.
Staring up at his ceiling, Katsuki was reminded of that time, of that grogginess and senselessness, where all he saw were incomprehensible scenes and images flashing through his mind, accompanied by a sequence of foreign emotions, but with no context to place them.
As disorienting as it was, Katsuki wasn't entirely put off by it, so enchanted by the nonsense playing behind his eyes, the disjointed visage of a pretty green-haired omega: smiling, laughing, crying... sometimes, he can even hear him begging, pleading, 'Kacchan.. Kacchan..'
Movement jostled him, halting the film reel playing in his mind. His eyes shifted from the ceiling, staring out at the room he laid in.

Katsuki wasn't entirely sure where he was, but he knew it looked /wrong/. Maybe it was the mess, the floor in disarray.
Empty bottles, wrappers, and dirty dishes littered across the carpet. Plates and bowls were piled haphazardly high, and Katsuki had at least enough wits about him to know that those didn't go /there/.

He frowned, rolling onto his side only to bump into a warm bundle.
Only then did the groggy alpha notice there was someone else next to him, someone small and sleepy.

The omega.

Katsuki's eyes were glued to him, watching the rise and fall of his chest as took in those light breaths, the pink of his parted lips, the flush of his skin.
The alpha also noticed the offensive device around the omega's neck, as mangled as it was. He couldn't quite remember the word for it, only knew that it wasn't supposed to be there. Then there were the marks, littered everywhere on the smaller boy's body.
Katsuki would've been pissed if his alpha didn't somehow know instinctually that he had put them there, that the omega that'd been flashing through his mind and this one were one and the same, and this omega was none other than his.
"Deku," Katsuki groaned, name unbidden on his lips, yet he knew it to be true. That was the omega's name - Deku. His throat felt raw and dry from overuse, as if he'd spent the last few days growling non-stop and utterly abusing it. Perhaps he had, but he had no way of knowing.
He leaned in close to the smaller boy, pressing his nose into those soft green curls. He smelled ripe, a pungent mixture of the perfumes of their individual pheromones, sweat, and sex. It was intoxicating to Katsuki, and he breathed it in deeply.
His tongue lolled out unthinkingly to lap at the omega's forehead and hair.

"Mmm," Deku moaned, brows furrowing in his sleep at the sensation of Katsuki's tongue against his skin. "Ka...cchan," he breathed softly.

Katsuki's chest felt tight at that sound.
It made him feel high, a chemical rush flooding his veins, compelling him to wrap both his arms around the smaller boy and squeeze him tightly to his chest. The alpha puckered his lips to press them against the boy's temple. It wasn't enough.
He peppered the motion over and over against the omega's face, overflowing with the need to demonstrate his affection, even as the omega groaned in protest, eyes fluttering open at the disturbance.

"Wh-wha..? Kacchan..?"

Drowsy green eyes flickered at Katsuki's red ones.
"What are you?"

As those pretty pink lips started moving, Katsuki couldn't keep himself from slotting his own over them, gently pressing them against the soft, plump skin. As the omega's were still parted, Katsuki slipped his tongue inside to play with the smaller boy's.
He sighed into his mouth, in absolute bliss to be holding such a gorgeous, small thing, and the omega was so pliant against his firm lips. It gave Katsuki a lot more leeway to do what he wanted, so he kept on caressing the omega's lips with his own.
It gave him such a feeling of lightheadedness yet simultaneously, with each passing moment, he felt more and more clarity coming back to him. More images flashed through his mind: the pitted nest from when they first met, tickling him silly while they watched a cartoon...
… Helping him with homework, and his teary face when he thought Katsuki was mad at him.

Katsuki pulled away slightly, a line of spit still connecting their wet lips. He was sure he must've looked positively fucked out, eyes half-lidded and face flushed with want.
But he had to say it, say something.

"Deku," he breathed, air brushing over the boy's lips. The omega eyed him strangely.

"Yes, Kacchan," he said in a gentle voice, as if he was talking with a child. Small hands came up to cup Katsuki's cheeks. "It's me."
It was then, after the fog had mostly dissipated, that Katsuki truly noticed the state of the omega. Those beautiful green eyes stood out against the harsh bags underneath them, and the rest of them appeared to be swollen. His hair was so greasy, too.
He clearly hadn't had a chance to shower in quite a while, or everything they'd been doing had gotten him dirty faster than he could manage to shower. The reason didn't matter as much as the result. Deku looked worn down. "You... you smell."

Deku's eyes widened in alarm.
"Kacchan," he gasped.

He clearly wasn't expecting Katsuki to say anything remotely intelligible, and here he was stringing together words again, even if they more closely resembled cave speak than fully fleshed out sentences.
At first, Deku seemed pleased to hear Katsuki talking regularly again, but then Katsuki noticed the moisture beginning to pool in the omega's eyes.

"Deku," Katsuki spoke, hands moving to the omega's cheeks so he could brush away the tears with his thumbs.
"What's the matter?"

Katsuki was perplexed as Deku brushed away Katsuki's hands to cover his face, quietly sobbing into his palms.

The image of Deku underneath him crying and the quiet sound of it had his chest throbbing as an ache demanded that he fix things.
"No, no, no," Katsuki murmured, arms wrapping around the omega to roll them to their sides so he could properly clutch him against him. "Deku, don't cry."

The hands had moved away from his face, but now it was buried against his chest, wet lashes brushing against his skin.
Katsuki's words didn't seem to help anything as Deku began to sob even harder, wet breaths hot against his chest.

The alpha felt so helpless, every broken sound shoving a knife deeper and deeper into his chest. It hurt worse than anything.
He wanted nothing more than to make them stop, to wipe the tears away and see that smile he'd seen not too long ago, when the two had been in the office. It had been so brilliant and full of life and... and good feelings toward Katsuki.
This image... the sound had Katsuki feeling something so wholly different, like he was the scum of the earth. Worthless, because he couldn't cease whatever pain the omega against him was experiencing. It struck him with a desperation, a need to make things right.
"Deku," Katsuki croaked, brows furrowed in pain, "Tell me, just tell me what's wrong."

"I'm," Deku hiccoughed, body shaking with the force of his sobs, "I'm so /tired/.. and everything /hurts/."

Katsuki was grateful Deku was talking to him, but the words made him feel worse.
He didn't have to ask to know that all of the pain Deku was in, all of the exhaustion he was experiencing, was due to him, and maybe at one point he wouldn't have cared, but Deku was so /unhappy/, so /miserable/, that Katsuki felt it, too.
A dark and weighty feeling, one he was unaccustomed to yet recognized as it dragged him down from the high he might've otherwise experienced knowing he'd finally gotten to fuck, to /knot/ someone. It set him aching inside, as if his body was emulating the feelings Deku described.
Katsuki felt /shame/.

Deku continued to cry into his chest, coating him in more of those salty tears, outpouring his suffering. Katsuki clutched him tightly against him, one hand on his upper back and the other on his waist, as if the hug could somehow convey his own sorrow.
His regret...

Logically, Katsuki knew he couldn't have avoided what he'd done to Deku, not in the state he'd been in when his rut hit, but it didn't stop him from feeling responsible, feeling obligated to make it up to Deku somehow, but Katsuki wasn't sure he had the words.
So he just held Deku tight to him while his small body wracked with sobs, every bit of him radiating exhaustion and pain. As time passed, the force of his crying seemed to gradually lessen until the omega finally went slack in his arm save for the rise and fall of his chest.
Katsuki's own eyes slipped shut for a moment, more memories coming back to him of his rut - of Deku and drinking from the smaller boy's mouth, of the omega handfeeding him katsudon from his bowl, and of him wiping Katsuki down, keeping his body clean of the mess of fluids.
Those thoughts had his chest tightening in a different way. It hurt, but... it also felt good. Katsuki never wanted anyone to take care of him, to be dependent on someone else, but impossibly, remembering Deku like that was nice... but also painful.

No wonder he was so tired.
Katsuki admired the omega in his arms, brushing greasy hair away from his forehead to press a kiss to the skin. He really hadn't had time to care for himself. It was okay now, though. Katsuki would care for him.

He gently untangled himself from the omega and exited the bed.
Katsuki made his way to the bathroom with relative ease. He definitely felt tired, like he'd run a couple laps around his large yard, but he could still move around fine, unlike Deku.

Katsuki remembered now the few times Deku had tried to stand only for his legs to betray him.
He scowled. It must've been hard for Deku to take care of the both of them like that.

Katsuki ran the faucet to the bath tub, checking the temperature to make sure it was a comfortable level of warm before adding in some of the Epsom salt he would use sometimes after lifting.
He returned to the room, gathering up some towels and unopened water bottles and the cleanest looking cup he found on the ground to set them on the floor next to the bath tub.

Then he went back to retrieve Deku. He stared for a long moment, appreciating the sleeping omega.
Deku had been so exhausted, he'd cried himself to sleep before, but in rest he looked so peaceful. Katsuki was second-guessing himself disturbing him, but he really didn't want to leave him so dirty like that. If Katsuki was extra careful, maybe he'd just stay asleep through it.
He slipped his arms under the omega, one under his knees and the other at his shoulders, lifting him into his arms. He was gentle enough with the motion that Deku didn't stir, head just lolling over into Katsuki's bare chest. Katsuki flushed as Deku's breath brushed his nipple.
He ferried him into the restroom where the tub was now mostly full. Katsuki considered placing Deku into the tub on his own but worries about him slipping under in his sleep halted him. Katsuki instead stepped into the tub, still holding Deku, and carefully lowered down.
Katsuki rearranged Deku as he went so that he lay atop the alpha's body. Deku's torso was pressed flat against his own, his cheek cushioned atop Katsuki's muscled chest. It was just above the waterline so his face wouldn't be submerged. Katsuki's lips quirked up in a smile.
Deku looked so cute with his cheek smooshed against Katsuki's chest, parted lips depositing the smallest bit of drool on him. He... kind of liked it.

He let himself enjoy the moment just a bit longer before reaching for the cup he'd grabbed.
Katsuki used one hand to shield Deku's face from the water as he wet the omega's hair by pouring water with the cup. The way Deku's head was laying on the side helped with that a bit, and his greasy curls were pressed wet against his scalp fairly quickly.
Katsuki snatched up the shampoo next to lather it into Deku's curls, careful to avoid his skin. He took extra care gently massaging the boy's scalp, enjoying the quiet sleepy moans that escaped the boy as Katsuki's hands kneaded the top of his head.
Katsuki was pleased he managed to rinse the omega's hair without getting any in his eyes, protecting the smaller boy's rest. He next reached for the body wash, lathering the liquid in his hands much like the shampoo to create more suds.

Firm yet gentle hands massaged Deku.
Katsuki started with his neck and upper back, careful around the collar, where skin seemed likely to be tender. After all, Katsuki's alpha had spent a lot of time trying to rip it off. He was sure the skin was irritated.

He slid his hands to Deku's shoulders.
Strong hands kneaded the flesh, equally as intent on massaging it as he was on cleaning it. It was also pleasant for him, enjoying the feel of Deku's soft skin beneath his fingers.

Deku groaned at his ministrations, body stirring, and Katsuki worried he'd woken him.
Green eyes fluttered open once more, glancing up at Katsuki.

"Kacchan?" Deku murmured sleepily.

"Hey, Deku," Katsuki replied softly, continuing to run his sudsy hands over Deku's upper back. "You can go back to sleep."

"What are you doing?" he asked.
"Just getting you clean, little baby," Katsuki said. Deku's arms moved to push him up off Katsuki's chest, instead sitting up on the alpha's hips.

"Mmm," Deku groaned, wiping sleep from his eyes with wet hands. "Kacchan's stinky, too."

Katsuki chuckled at that.
"I'm smelly, too?" he teased, but he certainly believed it.

Deku nodded, reaching for the cup Katsuki had placed on the ledge of the tub and filling it with water. Katsuki frowned. He didn't particularly want Deku caring for him again, but he couldn't refuse him either.
He sat up so he could lean his head down, allowing Deku to douse his hair with water. It felt just as nice when his alpha wasn't in control, maybe better.

Those tiny hands buried in his own surely greasy hair, lathering shampoo into it, and Katsuki's chest rumbled.
Katsuki enjoyed how Deku's face colored at the sound, how his eyes lidded slightly, hands lazily scrubbing into his hair. Was Deku enjoying himself the same way Katsuki was?

… No, probably not, he decided, remembering the bags under his eyes and his exhaustion.
Katsuki let Deku finish lathering before he took over, rinsing his own hair. Deku just watched with those same tired eyes, expression blank.

"Deku," Katsuki said, "Let me wash the rest of you." He gestured between his legs, bringing a flush to Deku's face once more.
Yet Deku complied, turning and scooting back so that Katsuki's chest was pressed against his shoulders. He sighed as Katsuki's hands brushed over the rest of him, hands scrubbing over his chest and stomach, past the modest trail of hair and between his legs.
Deku's breath hitched as Katsuki's fingers brushed over him, and he himself had to take pause for a moment, recognizing the sensation of the part between his own legs stirring.

They were so, /so/ close, their bodies pressed flush together. How could he stop himself?
His cock began to plump beneath Deku's ass, blood rushing in. Katsuki usually had very little control when that happened, and now, still trapped in his rut, he couldn't stop himself from getting hard... as much as he wanted to.

Deku's crying face kept flashing in his mind.
He needed... he needed to get away.

Katsuki quickly maneuvered him off his lap so Deku sat in the tub, snatching up his towel and exiting the bathtub.

"Kacchan?" Deku called after him as he wrapped the towel about his waist.

"Just..." Katsuki paused in the doorway.
His back to the omega. "Enjoy your bath."

Katsuki shut the door behind him, not sure what would follow but not wanting Deku to see it regardless. His cock kept getting harder and harder, plumping beneath his towel in a way that had it loosening about his hips.
With an exasperated noise, Katsuki let it fall to the floor, his cock bobbing free in the cold air. "Fuck," he groaned as he felt that familiar burn in his core, that fogginess settling in on his mind.

He set about digging through his drawer, searching for his device.
The idea of fucking Deku, as attractive as it was in his state of arousal, still brought on those feelings of shame and guilt, so much that he knew he couldn't involve him this time.

He snatched up his toy as soon as he found it, one hand pumping him while the other lined it up.
"Ohh," Katsuki groaned as he bottomed out, the entrance swallowing up his knot and pressing against his balls. It hadn't inflated yet, making it easy to fully penetrate the device. His eyes fluttered shut as he thought of the omega he'd left in the bathroom. "D-Deku," he grunted.
That pretty little body beneath his own... He could just see it.

Deku's torso on the bed, nice and comfortable, feet on the floor, and Katsuki pressed behind him, his cock buried inside of him. He wanted his hands on that soft, freckly ass, spreading those cheeks.
He didn't get a good enough look before when the frenzy of rut stole his sense from him. What did Deku look like, speared with Katsuki's cock? That hole, stretched taut around him, hugging him like a glove? And those little /sounds/… He wanted to hear them so badly.
Katsuki whined, jerking the toy back and forth over his cock, all the while gritting his teeth. Now that he'd had Deku, his body rejected the cheap imitation more than ever. It wasn't fooling his alpha, and his hands itched to be gripping Deku's hips instead.
To pull him back on his cock and paint his insides with his seed...

"/Shit/," Katsuki cursed. He picked up the pace, faster and faster, but he might as well have been doing nothing.

The creaking of a door behind him alerted him, and his head snapped back at the noise.

Standing there, he found Deku. The poor omega's legs were shaking with exertion, one hand white as it gripped the doorframe and the other clutching his towel to keep it from slipping down his chest. Those green eyes were unreadable.

"Deku," he croaked, voice broken.
Katsuki was frozen in place, transfixed by the sight of the omega. Deku's eyes scanned over him, taking in everything from his wet hair and his naked body to his grip frozen around the device in his hand. Those green eyes were so intense, brows furrowed at him.
Deku might as well have been staring straight into Katsuki's heart, into the shame overflowing the brim. How must he look to Deku, standing there and jerking off while the omega was in the bathroom?


Katsuki grimaced, removing the device from his prick.
It felt wrong to be doing it under Deku's gaze, and he placed it on the nightstand and glanced back at Deku.

His face was flushed, heat burning under freckled skin, brows drawn in something akin to... concern? Frustration? Katsuki couldn't tell.

"Deku, I'm..." Katsuki started.
Those legs stumbled forward and out of the doorway, shaking under his weight. One step after another, Deku moved closer and closer, approaching Katsuki with that same look, the one that saw too much.

It was too much for the omega, and Katsuki reacted as his knees buckled.
Katsuki was supporting Deku's weight before he knew he had even moved to catch the omega. The towel fell in Deku's fumbling, Katsuki clutching him to his body with hands on his back and waist.

But then he felt that insidious shame as he remembered what it was between them.
There was a lot, Katsuki had realized. Their Plus Alpha partnership, the one he had waited for and dreamed of for years. He'd fantasized for so long about having someone of his own, someone to slake his lust on, for him and him alone.
That's what Deku was, what he was given to Katsuki for, and it was everything he'd dreamed of, and... and it /hurt/ Katsuki. It hurt him to think he'd hurt the omega against him - that Deku had no choice but to be with him. He'd wilted under Katsuki's care.
Katsuki had used Deku up like he'd always wanted, taken and taken until the omega was an exhausted and miserable husk. Once upon a time, he wouldn't have cared to try and imagine what Deku was feeling, what /anyone/ was feeling, but he could feel it piercing him then.
If Katsuki were Deku, he'd hate Katsuki. He'd hate him for taking his freedom, for subjugating him, for fucking and knotting and siphoning away all of his energy until all he could do was weakly sob his exhaustion and pain. Katsuki knew it couldn't compare to how Deku felt....
… but Katsuki felt like shit. Like a shit alpha.

Still, he couldn't will away the erection pressed between their bellies and wetting their skin.

"Kacchan," Deku gasped as Katsuki hoisted the omega into his arms, freeing his cock from between them.

"You must be tired."
Katsuki murmured. He carefully carried Deku back over to the bed, conscious of those eyes on his face, so attentive - so perceptive. It made him self-conscious as he leaned over to place him down in the bed. "Get some rest."
Deku's eyes didn't drift shut, nor did he turn from him. Kneeled on the edge of the bed, Katsuki's prick bobbed above the nest, and Deku's eyes flicked between his eyes and cock, expression still as indecipherable as ever.

"I am tired," Deku whispered weakly.
Still, the omega slowly rolled onto his side, propping himself up and reaching up toward Katsuki. Katsuki was lost as Deku gestured him closer.

Even kneeling, Katsuki was much taller than him, towering over him atop the bed. The alpha leaned over, one arm holding him up.
Katsuki got just close enough for Deku to reach his target, palm cupping Katsuki's cheek in a gentle caress. Deku breathed his next words, the air on his lips perceptible to Katsuki's alpha ears. "Are you hurting?"

His eyes widened as he stared down at Deku.
Nestled atop the blankets and pillows, a tiny body covered in bruises and sort from over-exertion... and he was asking Katsuki if he was hurting.

And Katsuki was. His prick throbbed violently, desperate for relief.

But another part of him throbbed, too, under Deku's scrutiny.
He clenched his eyes shut, unable to look Deku in the face as he lied. "I'm fine."

"Kacchan," Deku murmured, and Katsuki opened his eyes to the omega's softened expression. "It looks really painful."

Katsuki gritted his teeth, trying not to groan his agreement.
His cock was a swollen and angry red, a beacon loudly signaling his pain to Deku, and he resented it so fucking much, but probably not nearly as much as Deku resented him. He couldn't.

"I'm /fine/," Katsuki breathed. Deku said nothing in response, seeming to let it go.
The hand that had caressed his cheek so gently left his skin, descending toward the bed.

At least that's what Katsuki thought when Deku retracted it, except instead of falling to the bed it slowed, fingers wrapping around the throbbing heat of Katsuki's cock.
Katsuki gasped at the touch, surprised by both the gesture and the pressure on his terribly sensitive prick.

"Deku-" Katsuki choked.

"It's okay," Deku said, voice so quiet, but every word pierced the silence with resounding clarity for the alpha.

"But..." Katsuki gritted.
"You don't have to hurt," Deku said, eyes shining with moisture. Katsuki was sure his own reflected Deku's, stinging with the intense physical pain and the overwhelming emotions tearing through him as he debated, even as Deku stroked his tip with his delicate fingers.
"Why?" Katsuki asked, eyes searching Deku's face, that soft expression of his.

Deku's deep inhalation was loud in the stillness of the room, even moreso as he exhaled in a raspy sigh. "Your smell," Deku whispered, lips twitching into an understated smile.
Those fingers circled his tip, thumb brushing over the dripping slit. As intense as the sensation was, as hyperfocused as he was on those appendages, he was even more transfixed by Deku's face, the words leaving his lips.


Katsuki remembered from before.
How Deku could smell when he was brooding, lost in thought or feeling guilty... like the last time they'd been in the bathroom together. Did Deku pity him? The thought filled him with even more shame, unprepared for whatever answer Deku would give him.

"You can't lie to me."
Deku rasped, words so different than the ones Katsuki had expected. His free hand gestured at Katsuki. "C'mere."

For all his apprehensions, his reservations, Katsuki found himself obeying. He slowly lowered himself to lie beside him, facing him on his side.
That hand remained on him, continued with its strokes. "It's not enough, is it?"

Katsuki's eyes fluttered shut again, breaths deep as he considered lying again. What was his angle? Did he want Katsuki to hurt him again, to offer him a pity fuck, to make him feel more pathetic?
The hand slid away from him, the action dragging his eyelids open once more with a groan of discomfort.

Then Deku was raising a hand to cup his face again with a gentleness Katsuki was deeply unaccustomed to... but it had been a constant onslaught.
Everything about Deku had been tender since he'd awoken from the stupor of his rut, and as he remembered the events that had led up to the moment, he realized Deku had been that way for a while.

He wasn't certain exactly how long, but he could see and hear it in those flashes.
How Deku cared and tended to him, even to his own detriment. How he'd put Katsuki first, self-sacrificing, like he deserved it.

"Kacchan," he called softly.

"Deku," Katsuki breathed, eyes scanning Deku's face, his own painted with uncertainty. "I don't want to hurt you."
He was so attuned to the omega's expression, looking for any flicker of pain, of dishonesty, and Katsuki suddenly felt cheated that Deku was able to read him so well, as if his enhanced alpha senses were nothing more than crude instruments compared to Deku's perceptiveness.
"It hurts," Deku said, wet eyes meeting Katsuki's, "it hurts to feel - to see you hurt."

It was like a sucker punch to the gut. He didn't want to hurt Deku, as much as he wanted to fuck him, but... Deku was framing it in a way where if he didn't fuck him he'd hurt him worse.
The thought was so novel to Katsuki - or rather, it would have been, before he'd met Deku… The idea of feeling more hurt by another person's pain than one's own used to be so foreign, but in his current state...

Katsuki glanced down at his engorged member, pulsing red.
Yeah, he could understand it. He could understand suffering to protect someone else from pain, to be more hurt by their pain than your own. That's all he'd wanted since he'd regained his senses, to protect Deku from himself and the hurt he'd inflicted on him.
Katsuki turned into the touch of Deku's small hand, lips brushing his warm palm. His chest felt so tight, constrained with a number of emotions he was not used to dealing with, and it /hurt/.

Distantly, he wondered if this was what it felt like to be Deku.
To think and feel this much, Katsuki didn't like it... but he liked Deku's comfort.

"It's okay," Deku whispered, hand slipping down to Katsuki's neck to tug him forward. Deku tilted his head back, eyes fluttering shut, in a gesture all too familiar to Katsuki
That pressure on his neck had him tilting forward of his own accord, his own eyes lidding as Deku pressed his lips to the alpha's in the softest of kisses. A hand came to Deku's naked hip, drawn by the magnetism of the omega's soft skin. He wanted that closeness, yet...

It hurt.
That indecision still afflicted him, that shame and guilt that'd been plaguing him, even with Deku reassuring him. A part of him, one that'd motivated and controlled him for a long time, had been materially damaged when he'd lost control.

"Kiss me," Deku breathed.
Warm air brushed against Katsuki's lips, and his indecision suddenly felt less weighty. He slotted his lips over Deku's, an uncharacteristically cautious pace that had every nerve igniting with an unprecedented intensity at the feel of their lips gliding against each other
Slow and long, the kiss had the two breathing heavily against each other and brought Deku in close enough for the tip of his long prick to brush against the omega's belly, painting it with pre-come. Katsuki groaned into Deku's mouth, and the omega pulled away momentarily.
Tiny gasps escaped him, as if he hadn't bothered to breathe through his nose through the encounter.


Those freckly cheeks were so red, and his pretty eyes were drooping from the kiss. Katsuki felt like he was dreaming. Deku was adorable.

"Good Kacchan," Deku praised.
His words sent a current through Katsuki's body, straight to his prick, and he groaned again. Somehow, they were familiar, and Katsuki realized they were the same words Deku had used when he was out of his mind with rut. An emotion swelled inside of him, emboldening him.
Katsuki's lips descended on Deku's once more, pressing firm against the soft skin, before tracing those lips with his tongue. The taste had Katsuki moaning into Deku's mouth, and the omega's lips parted to grant entrance.

Fuck, he wanted to give Deku everything he asked for.
"Deku," Katsuki groaned into his mouth. "Deku… Deku."

"Kacchan," Deku moaned, their words muffled by their arduous kisses. The slide of his tongue against Deku's, bare skin on bare skin, had Katsuki lightheaded. He felt the omega's leg brushing over his own.
The closeness put even more friction on Katsuki's cock, and it took everything in him not to pin Deku down and have his way with him.

But then Deku pulled away from the kiss again, lips red and swollen. "Kacchan," he panted, "You can... you can do it to me."
Deku's hand brushed Katsuki's off his hip to entwine their fingers as he rolled onto his back, and Katsuki found himself following where their linked hands dragged him. He moved with Deku, rolled over on top of him, knees and hands supporting his weight as he straddled him.
Hovering above him, Katsuki saw nothing but sincerity in Deku's face. Even moreso, Katsuki could /smell/ it, could see the evidence on his body. The smell of fresh slick perfumed the air, and he couldn't ignore the hard, pink cocklet he saw on the omega's pelvis.
If this was a test of Katsuki's resolution then he was failing. It felt inevitable at this point, that Katsuki should join with Deku - that he was meant to be inside of him.

"Don't," Katsuki choked, hand squeezing Deku's own, "don't let me hurt you."
Deku's other hand sought out Katsuki's, snaking their fingers together so that both of them were joined, consequently pinning both of Deku's hands to the mattress.

"You can be gentle," he said, voice quiet and soothing in Katsuki's ears. "I know you can do it."
Katsuki didn't know that. He was still remembering things, images of being out of control. He wasn't confident, something he had only really experienced after he met Deku, but the faith Deku expressed in him... It made him more afraid of letting Deku down than the unknown.
The outside of Deku's thighs pressed against the inside of Katsuki's as the omega attempted to spread them, forcing Katsuki to maneuver himself so that Deku's legs were on the outside and his on the inside, the omega's hips forming a cradle beneath his.
Katsuki's mouth suddenly felt dry, unfit to deliver any meaningful response to Deku's encouragement, so he did the one thing Deku had asked of him.

The alpha lowered himself, belly pressed against Deku's pelvis, his cock sandwiched between them, to nip at the omega's lower lip.
"Kacchan," Deku moaned as Katsuki's weight settled atop him.

"Am I too heavy?" Katsuki rasped, breath brushing over Deku's kiss wet lips. The omega shook his head, a small smile tugging at his lips.

"It," Deku said, "it feels kinda nice."
The words had Katsuki's cheeks warming, probably now pink like Deku's. He liked how it felt, too, just laying on top of him like that, bodies touching all over.

Katsuki was struck with the urge to kiss him all over, but he settled for pressing a gentle kiss to Deku's forehead
When he removed his lips from Deku's forehead, the omega leaned up to catch them with his own mouth. He imitated Katsuki, nipping at the alpha's lips with his blunt omega teeth, and Katsuki couldn't help the grin that spread on his face, and he felt Deku smile into the kiss.
How was he so cute?

Katsuki couldn't stop the gentle slide of his hips as he not-so-subtly fucked his cock between their pressed bellies. Deku didn't protest it, grinding against Katsuki in slow circles, his tiny cocklet frotting against the underside of Katsuki's massive shaft.
Somehow, something like this, though still not enough, was so much better than that expensive medical grade toy he'd been fucking into what felt like so long ago. He wasn't even inside Deku, but /fuck/ if the feel of that soft skin against his cock wasn't doing something magical.
Katsuki's cock was dripping all over Deku's belly and ribs as he rubbed, pre-come dribbling everywhere, but Deku wasn't doing much better. The lower half of Katsuki's shaft was wet with the omega's own pre-come, his cute little cock leaking, but Deku was also leaking elsewhere.
Katsuki's knot and balls were wet and sticky from where they laid so close to Deku's hole. With each passing moment, more slick began to dribble out the omega's hole, anointing Katsuki's sex and thighs with the sweet-smelling substance.

It felt so good, being close like that.
But it was more than the fluids marking their lower bodies and the pleasure of them grinding against each other. The taste of Deku's lips, feeling his hot wet breath against his skin, their reciprocal desire for each other... it made it so much better, made him feel light-headed.
God, he wanted more, /needed/ more, to take everything Deku had offered him, but...

More than that, he wanted to be /gentle/.

Katsuki released one of his hands, lips still working against Deku's as he slid his hand beneath them to brush his fingers against the omega's hole.
Deku gasped into his mouth at the feel of Katsuki's fingers slipping against his wet and sensitive rim. He wasn't pressing inside, just feeling, gliding a thumb softly over Deku's sticky perineum.

Katsuki pulled back from the kiss to search Deku's face for any protest.
The alpha's lips parted, tongue darting out to wet them as he tried to form words, to get the courage to ask for the permission Deku had already given him so many times. Then part of him hoped that Deku would anticipate him, would read his mind and say what he needed to hear.
The only thing Deku gave away was his own pleasure as he continued to gyrate his hips against Katsuki's, his own lips parted as he made breathy frustrated noises, apparently annoyed at how Katsuki had stilled and fixed him with that look.

Deku groaned, stilling himself.
As if he knew Katsuki had something to say, because of course he would know, but instead of relieving him of that burden... Deku stayed silent, forcing Katsuki's hand. Forcing him to speak and use his words.

"Deku," he growled, "I need... need you to..."
"What do you need, Kacchan?" Deku asked, free hand rising to brush the wet hair clinging to Katsuki's skin off his forehead.

"Tell me.. tell me I can.." Katsuki said, voice trailing off with uncertainty.

"You want to put them inside?" Deku asked, and Katsuki nodded in relief.
He didn't know why he was having so much trouble. He felt so unsure of everything, if he was imposing on Deku, but he felt even more uncomfortable asking permission. It felt awkward and wrong on his tongue.

Deku relaxed his thighs, parting them even more under Katsuki's weight.
"It's okay," Deku said. "You can touch inside."

How the fuck was Deku talking that way to him? And why did it have him throbbing so painfully between them. If he wasn't so self-conscious, he would've already pressed two digits inside and finger-fucked Deku hard.
But that word was still playing over and over in his mind, cautioning him, /challenging/ him. 'Gentle,' Deku'd said in his honey-sweet voice.

Katsuki positioned the tip of his middle finger at Deku's hole, eyes trained on Deku's. He needed to see everything.
It was a light pressure, just enough to slip partway through the rim. His hole clenched so tight around the tip of Katsuki's finger, deterring him. He might've thought Deku was in pain if he wasn't watching his expression so intently. Those droopy eyes conveyed no pain.
Tiny little pants said nothing of suffering, instead spurring Katsuki on. He had to employ a great deal of restraint, something he so often lacked but seemed to find with Deku, slowly twisting and bending the finger. The soft motions worked him looser, allowing him deeper.
The finger slipped deeper inside of the smaller boy, insides embracing the appendage in Deku's warm, wet heat. Katsuki felt dizzy as he imagined it around his prick, squeezing him so deliciously. It took all his focus to bring his attention back to his goal.
He grounded himself by attuning all of his senses to the omega beneath him. Every minute sound was catalogued in his brain along with the expressions flickering across Deku's face. He could feel his own nerve endings igniting at the feel of skin on skin.
Their cocks sliding together, the feeling of Deku's hot slick pouring out to warm his thighs and dribble over his palm and knuckles. Katsuki pushed deeper, gently moving forward in Deku's channel. He probed, so /gently/ searching for it - for the spots he remembered.
He knew it was there, knew from the research he'd conducted as he scrolled the internet in curiosity after learning he would be paired with a male omega. He'd seen the diagrams, the explanations of where to brush to get Deku squirming beneath him.
There was one that he knew about just from regular anatomy. Katsuki had one, too, along with most every other male out there - a prostate. He knew how that felt, having been examined before, and Katsuki didn't quite enjoy it. The last thing he wanted was a finger up his ass.
Katsuki wasn't so dismissive as to knock it entirely, especially after watching videos of what it could do to a man to have it probed and fondled. He /really/ wanted to see Deku like that, wanted to make it amazing for him, and that's why he called on those memories.
Just a little ways in, not /too/ deep...

Deku squeaked in alarm, tiny cocklet twitching against Katsuki's prick at the sudden brush of Katsuki's finger there. That must be the spot, Katsuki thought, as he slowly moved his finger back and forth over it in a massaging motion.
The omega's tiny hand squeezed Katsuki's, tight in his grip as he moaned his pleasure at Katsuki's ministrations. His hips kept moving back and forth, up and down, humping and grinding against Katsuki's own, and his legs were spread so /far/, as if to invite Katsuki in.
Tears beaded in the corners of Deku's eyes, slipping over eyelashes to run wet lines down his flushed red skin.

"Kah… Kacchan," he warbled, free hand reaching up to latch onto the back of Katsuki's neck, dragging him down for another kiss.
Deku was hardly fit to kiss Katsuki in his current position. Katsuki attempted to slot their lips together, but Deku's remained parted in an 'o,' even as he tried to kiss Katsuki back. He was panting too hard, squirming too much, chanting a broken 'Kacchan' over and over.
Katsuki wasn't complaining as his tongue traced Deku's spit wet lips and danced with Deku's. The pitiful sounds felt nothing short of amazing to him, and he found himself positioning his pointer finger at Deku's rim. It was loose enough now that pressing it in wasn't difficult.
As his finger slid in, Deku made a long, high whine that had Katsuki pressing a soft kiss to the edge of his mouth. Katsuki wasn't sure he'd ever heard a prettier sound in his life. How the hell did Deku manage to make noises like that? Make Katsuki feel like that?
He knew part of it must be the lingering rut, but the rest... he knew the rest was him.

"That's it, Deku," Katsuki murmured assuringly, pressing another kiss to Deku's forehead as he pushed the other finger deeper to move into rhythm with the other one.
"Does that feel good?"

"Kacchan, Kacchan feels so good," Deku sobbed, hips churning back onto Katsuki's fingers. His tiny cock was leaking all over the two of them, the watery pre-come milked from his prostate with Katsuki's strokes, the alpha's fingers sticky with slick.
Fuck, Katsuki felt /high/ on Deku's sounds, on his praise and pheromones and sex, sex he was /finally/ going to get. He needed more - needed so much more. Katsuki's fingers parted inside of Deku, looking more like scissors as he lifted one up to search for that other spot.
They were practically on top of each other, if he remembered right, but they affected two different anatomies. He knew almost instantly when he found it as Deku let out a squeal, rim tightening around him as if he was trying to keep him in.

"That - that feels-" Deku choked.
Deku's hand slid from Katsuki's neck to his back, nails harshly raking over the alpha's skin.

"Kah… Oh," Deku sobbed, "Kacchan, it's, it's /weird/."

Katsuki was having trouble remembering his reservations from before with the reaction Deku was having.
Katsuki could feel Deku's thighs tensing beneath him, his entire body squirming as if he was trying to slither away from the sensation of Katsuki's fingers pressing against his most sensitive parts. Just from Deku's movements, Katsuki could tell something intense was building.
"So-something's, something's coming /out/," Deku cried, squeezing Katsuki's hand with a strength Katsuki hadn't known he had, the other one scraping him so hard he wondered distantly if it'd drawn blood. He wasn't thinking too hard about that as Deku's hole clenched harder.
Something did feel different, a look of panic passing over Deku's face as his sounds grew more and more distressed. "Hah, ahngh, Kah-Kacchahh!" he screamed, back arching as much as it could underneath Katsuki's weight, tiny cocklet spurting against his belly.
It wet them both with his watery, impotent seed, but that wasn't the only place Deku was spurting from. He was clenching down so fucking hard on Katsuki's fingers, but it was still leaking through, something that definitely /wasn't/ slick. It was liquidous, a milky consistency.
"/Shit/," Katsuki huffed. He dipped lower to run his nose along Deku's neck, as much of it as he could. Every part of Deku's body was letting off such an intense and intoxicating scent. The omega's throat, or what was uncovered of it, was slippery with oil.
The wetness leaked from his scent gland, letting off that sweet aroma along with his slick and pre-come and... whatever else had spattered on Katsuki's hand and thighs. Katsuki was vaguely aware of squirting, something he himself had seen from girls, but...
He hadn't been aware it was something /Deku/ could do as a male omega, but just thinking about it, thinking that he had made Deku feel so damn good that he squirted on Katsuki like that... it was /hot/.

"Ka-Kacchan," Deku cried, "I'm sorry. I.. I got something gross on you."
Katsuki nuzzled closer, dragging his nose up from the omega's neck to brush against his cheek. Katsuki pressed his lips to warm, flushed skin.

"Mm, Deku," Katsuki hummed. It was admittedly harder to find words when he was so thoroughly turned on.
But Katsuki did his best. "Deku... You're /fucking/ hot."

"Wha-what?" Deku squawked, and Katsuki caught his lips in his own again. He released Deku's hand to prop himself up on an elbow, his other hand reaching down to grip at his thick shaft.

"You're... so pretty."
"Kah-Kacchan!" Deku squeaked, cheeks red with embarrassment at the compliment. It made Katsuki want to tease him, want to keep buttering him up until he was a blushy embarrassed little mess, but...

Katsuki couldn't think straight enough to do that, not with how close he was.
He'd been waiting so long for this, and with his cockhead so close to Deku's rim, Katsuki could feel the magnetism, as if some outside force was drawing him in, telling him that he /needed/ to be inside Deku. It was inevitable. Wasn't that what the universe was saying?
Yet he still... he still felt that apprehension, the one that stopped him and made him ask.

"Deku," he breathed, pressing featherlight kisses up the side of the omega's face. "Can I... can I put it in?"

The tip slid against Deku's hole, warm slick drooling over the length.
"Mmm," Deku hummed, arms wrapped around the alpha's neck. "You can put it in... Kacchan."

Katsuki didn't wait for more confirmation, already receiving more than he ever would've thought to solicit in the past. He just pressed closer, hips crowding toward Deku's.
It was agony, the sensation of Deku's rim opening up more and more to swallow him. The parting was so slow, kissing his tip before accepting him in like a hot, wet mouth... except this was so much better than a mouth. It was better than anything and everything Katsuki had before.
"Kah... Kacchahh, hah," Deku gasped. Katsuki felt the tremors racking through the smaller boy's spread thighs as he slowly speared him with his prick. As intense as it was for Katsuki, he had no doubts Deku was feeling similarly.
The little noises escaping his mouth encouraged Katsuki. His moans and whines provided Katsuki with as much pleasure, if not more, than the penetration did. Where the pleasure pooled in his core, those sounds sent a heady pleasure straight through his skull.
An immeasurably satisfying fog in his brain, and the Deku was the only light breaking through the cloudiness.

"Ahh, shit... Shit, Deku," Katsuki panted, hips moving so slowly, he wondering at them moving at all, but Deku's minute reactions told him all he needed to know.
His cock was slowly penetrating deeper and deeper as he buried himself inside, 'gentle' the mantra repeating in his head. Letting Deku down, /hurting/ Deku again, was a failure Katsuki could not cope with.

"Are... are you okay?" Katsuki asked, less than half his shafte inside.
"Hah... ah," Deku moaned. "Kacchan's... so big." He chuckled weakly, a tiny smile pulling at his lips. "I just, just can't get used to it."

Katsuki's cheeks heated, already stained red from the pleasure and exhilaration of being inside Deku. "Does it feel... good?"
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