1) Racism is System based. Too many white people brainwash Black people into thinking they can change things for black people by being on the inside of that System.These black fullas go in to change it then leave defeated.Realising No matter how smart or gd at their job they r.
2) The system isnt created for them to change it. Its designed to destroy black people instead. The best a blackfulla can be inside the system is a white mans ‘pet’ or token Black person. Who is bribed to hold up whitness in order to stay relevant to white ppl in the system.
3) We see black people defending whiteness all the time, certain black polititions, certain CEOs of Aboriginal Land Councils, Certain black Actors & film makers, Certain Black Artists. A few black journo’s the list goes on n on.. & why?
4) Black Fulla Stockholm Syndrome.Full stop! You look at Certain Black Millionaires,they get to a certain level in power then get reminded they still black & then you see them fighting for their ppl.Its because No Black person can change that system. White ppl can tho & Should.
5)Its important for White People to realise the system is abusive and dangerous and that they can change it. It means giving up white power though in exchange for Equal power in the name of Justice & Anti Racism. It can be done, but black ppl cant do all that work,White ppl have2
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