I’m going to say this again - and say it louder - for the faux feminists who support this horror of a gov’t while crying that conservative feminists just can’t get no respect; STFU & sit your asses down. #ableg 1/3 https://twitter.com/thebreakdownab/status/1276952361630445568
At every turn this gov’t screws over women, time & time again. De-indexing specific surgeries for women. Cancelling the $25pd daycare pilot project. Laying off tens of thousands of healthcare & education workers, disproportionally putting women out of work. #ableg 2/3
You don’t get to call yourself a feminist, cry that progressive women don’t respect your feminism while you carry water for this government.

Respect is earned. You disrespect women every time you utter so much as a word of support for this shit, or sit silently. #ableg 3/3
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