1) This is my #Qanon thread for June 27, 2020

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My Theme: Rising to the Occasion
2) Q posted a link to the Twitter page of @elenochle who has been posting videos of patriots taking the oath as digital soldiers.
3) https://twitter.com/elenochle 
4) https://twitter.com/maQi5er/status/1276672694038048768
5) Are you ready?
6) An interesting choice of words.
7) An anon asked if Q's grammatical error was intentional.
8) It seems the choice of words was a message to former Google CEO Eric Schmidt.
9) A good question. https://twitter.com/covfefe_kate/status/1277047121062100992
10) Generally, Edward Snowden is signified by @snowden
while Eric Schmidt is signified by ES.
11) But on rare occasions, ES might signify both Snowden and Schmidt.
12) https://twitter.com/stephersford/status/1276625593828880387
13) An ominous message.
I don't know what the next few weeks will bring.
You might want to pray for wisdom.
16) A nice proof thread by @TheSpunQ
17) POTUS bypasses the mainstream media and disseminates his messages directly on social media.

Q is a backchannel to the White House.
18) The plandemic will come to an abrupt end exactly one day after the Presidential election—November 4th, 2020.

This will, coincidently, be the same day the [D] party is removed from life support.
21) https://twitter.com/Jim_Jordan/status/1277661802395054080
22) Desperate Dems are pulling out all the stops.

If they can't remove POTUS (and Barr) from office, they go to prison.

Looks like Schifty Schiff has another whistleblower hoax planned and the requisite investigation. (This one will be (Defense Department.)
28) To loyalists in government:

A plan is in place to issue orders that contradict those of POTUS and AG Barr.
Media is complicit & will spin a false narrative to cover for traitors.
Mutiny is not a wise option.
Remember your oath.
Defend and protect.
29) https://twitter.com/DanScavino/status/1277571323166941185
30) https://twitter.com/susieqewtie/status/1277773182427160578
32) "We will never give up.
We will never give in.
We will never back down."
~ Donald J Trump.
36) Are the transfers from Mexico part of a plan to keep covid numbers high to justify vote-by-mail?
39) Q drops "The Lone Warrior" 37 minutes before the President tweets it.

Coincidence? https://twitter.com/LeoRedfish/status/1278018362744938497
40) https://twitter.com/ChadPergram/status/1277982595654041600
44) Only when evil is fully exposed will people recognize it for what it is.

The Great Awakening.
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