I know some days it doesn’t feel this way but rest assured patriots are winning.

Objective # 1 is winning Presidential election.

Objective # 2 is expanding Republican control of the Senate and hopefully getting a few patriot newcomers elected

Objective # 3 is winning back
the House

Deep State is throwing eveything they have at us right now both politically, psychologically, and spiritually.

Consider this fact and now consider the situation most of us are in right now:

✅We are not fighting in the streets to retake our neighborhoods (I realize
there are certain parts of the US like Chicago’s southside where that’s the case).

✅we are not going hungry

✅we have access to technology that makes life easier

✅we can worship God freely in our homes and our churches

✅we have jobs (most of us)

✅we are surrounded
by millions of other patriots who love our President and our Country and who have each other’s back

✅we are blessed to live in the wealthiest and most free Country in the history of mankind

✅we have the right to be locked and loaded to protect our families

Now think
Of our patriot brothers and sisters in China, Middle East, Russia, Europe, Etc...we have so many more freedoms and have a freedom loving @potus who is fighting for our freedoms. He is doing an incredible job of preventing massive civil war, stock market crash, economic
devastation, millions of deaths...the Deep State would attempt to inflict us with all these horrors before 2020 election if they could but they can’t. Sure they will continue to use the card they can play to shake us up but you and your families are safe. Keep praying!
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