I hear the dog whistle again. This time against Hispanic Texans. When will @JohnCornyn learn? I encourage every Democrat to join me in condemning John Cornyn’s race baiting. (1/?)...
Using @BetoORourke and @JulianCastro and @JoaquinCastrotx in this way is just a dog-whistle to the farthest of the right, the the racists and the segregationists within his own party and within America.
Minority groups are just a tool to John Cornyn--groups he can point to and say "look what I'm going to do!" But, of course, Cornyn never does anything. People have a misconception John Cornyn has done something for Hispanic, Latinx, and Tejano communities in Texas. He has not.
Here’s my question:

Cornyn has said he’s been preparing to act on Dreamers since 2018, at least.

Why has it taken him so long to prepare to act? Write a bill. I’ve written and passed many. That’s the action to fix something. Not just talking or saying you will act.
What has John Cornyn done about Trump’s Border Wall Boondoggle? Absolutely nothing. This wall is taking private land—even church land!—tearing apart communities, putting indigenous sites at risk, etc....
...It will have a negative environmental impact on the region in terms of altering water flow and likely flooding as a result of the altered water flow.
Why has John Cornyn not called the border wall what it is: A message to people of Hispanic, Latin American, and Mexican heritage that we don’t want their kind in our country?
Some people think weasels are kind of cute, but there is nothing cute about John Cornyn’s record on immigration.
Like everything else--healthcare, student loan reform, higher education access, and a whole host of other issues--John Cornyn has been telling us he’s working on it.
Friends, I’ve served 27 years in the Texas Senate. I’ve been there for the Hispanic community and communities all across Texas with my work in the Legislature.
I’ve gained the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to be able to work across party lines to build coalitions to get things done, including expanding healthcare for minority Texans and body cameras, and ending racial profiling.
How has John Cornyn been in the Senate so long and accomplished so little—for Hispanic Texans and many other groups? I don't know. But I do know this, we will turn Texas blue in November and replace him with someone who WILL work for all the people of Texas.
But first, I've got to get through the runoff on July 14. I need your help. Sign up here to volunteer: http://bit.ly/WinWithWest  or help financial here: http://bit.ly/GiveToRoyce  Together, we can change Texas.
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