DissociaDID has spread a lot of false information & toxic ideas, & I've really lost all respect for her. But the only thing I still agree with is that it's wrong to scrutinize the presentation of someone's DID/OSDD & debate whether they actually have it.
We don't do this w/ other trauma disorders like PTSD. But imagine someone being like "I think this person's faking PTSD, their panic attacks don't look like mine". You could be right, but you could also be invalidating extreme trauma.
I think it's okay to be suspicious. It's okay to take note of patterns & cut someone off for too many red flags. There will always be malingerers. But it'll always be more damaging to hurt someone who could actually have the disorder than for someone to pretend to have alters.
& I mean things like judging how many introjects they have, how their symptoms present, alters being too similar or too different. How someone's illness formed was to protect them from severe abuse. I've invalidated it before & poked fun & whatever at ppl who could have had it
and I regret it so much. It's deadass just bullying. It's part of why the DID community is so toxic & why some ppl are afraid to talk about it. No, the community shouldn't just allow in anyone and everyone without question, & I'm not talking abt things that are factually wrong.
I'm talking abt judgement based solely on whether their symptoms look "valid enough". I cannot stress how many stupid things I've seen ppl invalidated for. There are the examples I mentioned above but additionally I've seen ppl invalidated/called out/dogpiled for shit like
What they do/don't remember while dormant, having alters that misbehave, having alters with strange quirks, not remembering their trauma, alters basically doing their jobs (ex: a protector taking control when someone is being hostile towards the fronter) etc.
It's not limited to that & it's pretty wild. Again I'm not saying "everyone's valid uwu" or "never question someone who shows red flags" but you aren't helping or going to stop them by harassing/calling them out & you're taking the risk of harming an actual traumatized person.
Some ppl in the community literally put ALL their energy there into doing this instead of being part of the community & sharing resources or doing shit that is way more important & constructive
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