Over a month later, and PPB are still responding to protests over police brutality with ... police brutality. It's been like this every night. @tedwheeler still silent and doing nothing. https://twitter.com/KohzKah/status/1276796499402174464
Record number of phone calls and emails to Wheeler's office are falling on deaf ears. That doesn't mean we should stop. But here are some other things you can do if you're also angry and want to do something meaningful to help.
1. Set up a recurring donation to @portlandmercury and/or consider sending a few $$$ to the freelance journalists covering the protests. Start with @tuckwoodstock. https://cash.app/$TuckWoodstock 
2. a) Donate to @blackresiliency. They're providing Black Portlanders with cash to help with groceries, utility bills, and medical / legal fees. Donations are being matched all this weekend. https://twitter.com/blackresiliency/status/1276951500216922112
2. b) And don't forget to claim one of these beautiful prints from @lubellwoo if you do donate! https://twitter.com/LuBellWoo/status/1275841249447043072
3. Sign this petition demanding the City negotiate the next police contract in collaboration with local BIPOC organizations and community advocacy groups. https://nonewcontract.org/ 
4. Vote Wheeler out of office in November. My money is on @sarah2020. Read her policies. Follow her campaign. And if you can, please donate! https://twitter.com/sarahforpdx/status/1276940636600459264
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