I swear the cabinet gets bigger with every government. Fucking global warming or something
I also like how they have a bajillion ministers including 2 for education, 3 to 4 for the economy (depending on how you classify housing) and some dubiously constitutional "super juniors"

But Martin and Ryan between them still have what should be at least 5 departments
god...you don't think...ministerial appointments are given not to effectively spread the government's attention across disparate areas of policy, but as patronage to loyal party members and positions of leverage in a coalition cabinet?

Surely they wouldn't do that
3 economy ministers and they're still going to fuck us with austerity. Dedicated ministers for housing and higher ed but they'll still shit the bed on both.

And arts, culture, rural affairs and transport are all second-fiddles to show they don't give a fuck about any of them
i know this thread isn't coherent, but i am just so beyond done with the fucking pantomime that is electoral politics in this country.

Fuck all the parties, join a union, I'm going to sleep.
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