Something I see frequently is Canadian conservatives using issues of justice purely as a points-scoring mechanism.

Example: Jason Kenney's attack dog @MattWolfAB decides that #UCP speech writer's racism is on par with homophobic comments Tommy Douglas made decades ago
But to be clear, Matt et al have never meaningfully declared themselves allies of the LGBTQ+ community that I'm aware of.

He has not to this point expressed concern that TD's views continue to infect the NDP at the #ableg level or the #cndpoli level. (Because they don't)
This is clearly just a gotcha moment for this cadre of communications amateurs, who don't have a *single* success to show for themselves since their government was elected, a record that would not be allowed to stand in the private sector.
Similar to the use of Trudeau blackface pictures in their same dog whistle audience, none of them care any particular amount about hurt caused these comments by Tommy Douglas, or any hurt caused by Trudeau's blackface photos. If they cared about hurt, they wouldn't keep posting
It's all just deflect and distract away from the real issue: genuine bigotry & racism in their party, which has long been called out by their opponents and now is on the page in black and white from their speechwriter.
So @MattWolfAB spare me the faux outrage over a false-equivalent decades-old Tommy Douglas old video. If your concern was sincere, you'd have flown the #pride flag for longer than a day. Do your job & respond to an issue: the words of your speechwriter.
Thanks for reading my thread, bring Breonna Taylor's killers to justice
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