This is a remake of my first thread showing the hate the sussex Sqaud spread and how they attack and bully people online. Read below ⬇️
Please note that the images included in this thread will not be all of them which are relevant to that category,but just a select few I’m using. Please feel free to share this thread and use when needed ☺️
This thread will also be updated as time goes on.
1. Body shaming
2. Accusing Kate of using black children for props
Continuation of 2. Accusing her of using her own children as props
3. Attacking W&K for using an image Rosa parks in a video
4. Making fun of children
5. Death threats/wishing death
6. Copying Meghan by sending out thank you cards
7. The hypocrisy of her fans
8. Somehow angry at them for brexit/megxit
9. Making fun of kates handwriting
10. Accusing William of working with the media to slander Meghan, I suggest watching this video by @KatesRangers to explain why he isn’t
11. The R*se rumours, the person who made these rumours is called Nicole Cliffe, shortly after creating this lie she deactivated her account, however at the end of her blog it clearly states it’s gossip
Some people even went as far to create pages where they pretend to be Rose, not realising this probably has more of a damaging effect on her than William
12. Spreading a fake ‘accomplishment’ sheet.
Read this tweet for the real list ⬇️
13. Expenditures on clothes, apparently Ms fans like to bring this up whenever someone mentiones Meghans expenses
14. Transphobia (please note I covered up the images they used of India before undergoing surgery)
15. The use of racial slurs
Continuation of 15
16. The accusation kate is a bad auntie even though you can see her clearly being involved with a conversation with Meghan here
17. Kate copies Meghan PDA
18. Kate copies meghans style
Continuation of 18
19. Wont believe anything about their faves which is based on a rumour but will believe and spread it about W&K
20. Accusing W&K of being racist with no proof
21. Attacking charity pages
22. Attacking a primary school page
23. Making fun of kids... again
24. Nicknames for W&K
24 continued
25. Attacking royal reporters
26. Double standards
Again I would advise this thread by kates Rangers:
27. For those who say Kate didn’t get negative press or didn’t have it as bad as Meghan
28. The hypocrisy of them stanning a feminist but abusing women in her name
29. Bringing up when James’ company printed a natzi logo onto a product as that was the image chosen by the customer, but excusing things like this from Harry
30. Posting images of kates skirt blowing up
Again this thread from kates Rangers hits the nail on the head about posting these sort of images
31. Thinking people actaully took pleasue in charles having COVID
32. Wishing COVID on the royals
33. Joking about corona and then attacking wills for ‘joking’ about it
34. Read this thread for Instagram hate pages for the DOC, set up by sussex fans
Also please note, I’m in no shape or form saying Meghan isn’t attacked, she is, but that doesn’t excuse the way her fans behave online, especially now that H&M are backing a charity or something to stop online hate speech
35. They harassed Johnny Reed, a Rumble Online journalist, because he included the racist posts previously in this thread in an article, to the point he had to lock his account
Continuation of 35
36. They’ve diagnosed Kate with anorexia, I wasn’t aware they were her doctor
37. They call her a ‘lazy housewife’ despite the work she’s done
Read about kates work here ⬇️
38. Accusing Kate (and Sophie now as well apparently) of ‘cosplaying’ several different people
39. They created an account to threaten people and doxx them, they also phoned NHS during a pandemic, as they believed it was the persons workplace, to try and harass someone because they don’t like Meghan
40. They also got the Sqaud to not buy and leave bad reviews on Amazon, because the author apparently ‘attacked’ Meghan, although I can’t see where
The reviews they left on amazon:
Also David’s book is great! I bought it to show my little cousin and he loved it! Let’s go and show some love in the reviews on the book, as the verified reviews are all great! The book is fab for its price ❤️
*********Also just another side note- I recognise Meghan is attacked online and I’m not saying our ‘side’ is innocent, just like every ‘side’. However, regardless of what was said it doesn’t excuse the things said in this thread, & before a sussex Sqaud comes on and asks
When I’m doing a thread on the hate Meghan recieves, do it yourself, I’m not a Meghan fan, I don’t collect screenshots of the abuse she receives and it’s not my ‘job’ to create a thread for that. You have an account which is apparently making threads, so they can do it.
Pls just make sure when you are doing it, the images are from actual Cambridge fans and not megxit/some random racist on the Internet who doesn’t even royal watch, because you seem to like getting images of those people & pointing the finger at us.
Or Cambridge fans which we have openly blocked and reported, making it clear we don’t condone their behaviour, and also make sure it’s not one of you on a Cambridge account because I’ve noticed thats a thing that’s been happening in the last few weeks
So that’s my answer before any of u come on and say it. Do it yourself, I’m sure you’re more than capable.
41. They used Archie’s birthday as an excuse to attack William and Kate
42. Everyone is copying Meghan
43. Kate ‘doesn’t use her voice’ or ‘only started to use her voice when Meghan came on the scene’
44. Make fun of Kate having an interest in childhood development, because she done a survey which is obviously needed 🤦🏼‍♀️
45. They keep saying Edward is gay due to his love for the theatre (stereotyping gay men?) and that Sophie is a ‘beard’
46. Comparing Meghan to Kate, when they’re clearly going to be bias anyway, regardless of facts out before them.

Also beauty is subjective and taking a blow at someone’s looks is just low and shows you have nothing negative to say about their personality or actions
If I have someone blocked and you’d like to show them this thread, I think this link should work, just click on the link in the tweet to share it
48. A body is found, likely to be the actress Naya Rivera, RIP 💔, and so some sussex Sqaud members attack megxit in the comments who are giving their condolences, and attack Kate
49. Making fun of charity fundraising. Just pathetic rly, they really do keep lowering the bar for themselves.
This is kinda a continuation of 15, can someone explain to me why they’re so racist towards anyone who doesn’t like Meghan? This also includes people excusing (“hardly racist”?) & laughing at racism, and accusing a WOC of lying about her race because she doesn’t like Meghan
Continuation of 22, attacking charities
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