🇲🇽Rolling up some of the largest donors to the Dims continues... +15 more permanently injured hitmen 🥳🎉
#NarcoTerror #Mexico #NARCOS
June 20, 2020
🇲🇽GUANAJUATO Operation to capture El Marro unleashes burning of vehicles and narco-blocks https://twitter.com/mundonarcocom/status/1274698569489022977
June 21, 2020
🇲🇽CULIACÁN Internal war of the CDS, Mayitos face Chapitos in the Golden Zone of Culiacán https://twitter.com/mundonarcocom/status/1274709036609474560
June 21, 2020
🇲🇽Scorpio Cartel show weapons and trucks in broad daylight
June 23, 2020
🇲🇽CABORCA Caro Quintero returned, founded the Caborca Cartel and wants to recover his territory by bullet and blood https://twitter.com/mundonarcocom/status/1274459856825651204
June 26, 2020
🇲🇽TEPUCHE Los Chapitos hitmen arrive by boat to Tepuche, to face the May people https://twitter.com/mundonarcocom/status/1276604756102971392
T w i t t e r cutting me off 🤬will continue....here are the other 31 permanently injured hitmen: https://twitter.com/Avery1776/status/1269415954439639040
June 26, 2020
LOMAS DE CHAPULTEPEC Video of the attack by the CJNG Sicarios command on García Harfuch https://twitter.com/mundonarcocom/status/1276612038693920770
⬆️cc: The pet terrorists' friends in Mexico had a very bad week as the cartels are being rolled up and accelerating. Pet terrorists make a fortune with 🇲🇽 cartels. Thanks Obama! #ObamaGate @LNA2019M @Fortar14 @UnknowN83702629 @osamaalobide @Libyancitizen6
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