an appreciation thread of wenseul being sickeningly sweet and lovely with each other
lets start with how they close eith each other in the beginning
the legendary switching bag so seulgi could hold wendy's hand better 🥺
the second one since apparently we have it
Seulgi wants to feed Wendy her ice cream but baby got her brain freeze that time 😭
seulgi asking if they have another pair of chopsticks and wendy said just use hers. i love how joy stated "you two really go well together" and they both "yea wbk"
a compilation of wendy feeding seulgi. a whole affectionate compilation if you asked me
another episode of wendy feeding seulgi but she spotted smth green in the food and she asked "what is that?" but wendy put it back and be like "fine dont eat it then" and she got upset and then seulgi picked up and eating it so wendy didnt get upset 😭
a soon to be classic. wendy coming to isac just to support seulgi and brought her drinks and stuff. she even got the time to bake for luvies 😭
the classic one. wendy seulgi lifetime friendship certificate
wendy helping seulgi on her drama project when she was in idol drama operation team
seulgi was struggling with the water bottle and wendy offering to help but seulgi already succeeded with that 😭
the ultimate wenseul honeymoon when wendy had the chance to come back to toronto but chose to go to austria bcs seulgi wanted to go there since a long time and look how cute they're re-enacting before sunrise 🥺
the seulgi's birthday mukbang vlive with wendy
seulgi promoting wendy's visual like go girl give us everything!!!
how wendy always accompany seulgi to go to the escape room that she likes so much 🥺
this whole drama in her ig live 😭😭
"The best vocal of this generation Son Seungwan!!!!" -Kang Seulgi, 2019
wendy whistling when seulgi sang white christmas
this whole compilation of them taking care each other 😔
seulgi trying to cover wendy's legs with the poster bcs wendy wears shorts 🥺
just seulgi babying wendy
wendy giving her jacket to seulgi
when they received their daesang and seulgi just cant contain herself from happiness
Seulgi helping wendy fixing the buttons on her sleeve
nothing much just them smiling at each other while performing
just them fixing each other's bangs
the whole seulgi toronto ment

"my friend wendy" 😭
Wendy: I missed hearing Seulgi's snores when I sleep
Seulgi: you do? then imma bout to sleep in your room then
Wendy: wAIT-
wendy patting seulgi in the head bcs seulgi can't catch a single fish 😔
"I just love everything about her. I just love Seulgi"
isac litrally a place for wenseul to be lovey dovey i swear
seulgi promoting wendy better than SM
head pat is wenseul trademark
when seulgi said wendy immediately called her when its midnight for saying "happy birthday" to seulgi 😭
how wendy aegyo reserved only for seulgi
nah we cant forget abt how seulgi choose wendy over the view
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