Session IV ft @ThinkingCC @aron_jonny @drhazemlashin
➡️ Hemodynamics, RV and #VEXUS #covid19pocus
Early phase = predicted fluid responsive state
RV struggles at an early stage as result of hyperinflammatory lung condition - moderate dilation, increase in TRVmax, worsening RV strain pattern
RV thrombus in COVID19 - consider early TPA
But the LV is also susceptible to stress cardiomyopathy (adrenergic, metabolic, sepsis, high dose sedation). Look for RWMA
Don't forget the lungs as cause of obstructive shock
Bottom line - Echo is vital for diagnosis, treatment initiation and monitoring
Next up - RV failure in COVID19 @drhazemlashin
*hypoxia *pulmonary vasoconstriction *high PEEP *excess fluids or diuresis are the culprits
Look for acute cor pulmonale using FUSIC techniques 
Here's how....
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