1/6 The cruelty is always the point.

ICE just told students here on student visas that if their school is going online-only this fall, the students must depart the United States and cannot remain through the fall semester.
2/6 https://twitter.com/ReichlinMelnick/status/1280210065325207553?s=20
3/6 https://twitter.com/ReichlinMelnick/status/1280210645884035078?s=20
4/6 https://twitter.com/ReichlinMelnick/status/1280211888572444673?s=20
5/6 https://twitter.com/ReichlinMelnick/status/1280212302072086531?s=20
6/6 For a regime that claims to be interested in business, this foolish move that pokes massive holes in their claims; U.S. colleges make a LOT of money providing education to students visiting from other countries, & this action will cut into that deeply. https://twitter.com/AbayaMiriam/status/1280211711379804161
She warned us. Remember that. https://twitter.com/HillaryClinton/status/1280513842330599424?s=20
2/3 "This rule represents the single broadest attack on the concept of asylum in the U.S. because it would eliminate almost all options for a person to seek humanitarian protection," Aaron Reichlin-Melnick, policy counsel American Immigration Council https://www.cbsnews.com/news/trump-asylum-rule-public-health-coronavirus
The cruelty is always the point. https://twitter.com/NewSanctuaryNYC/status/1282694350280052736
1/2 The Trump regime sees moments like this pandemic not as a time to pull together, but a time to create even greater atrocities while the nation is distracted.

The cruelty is the point. https://twitter.com/Haleaziz/status/1291147599664168960
1/5 ICE and GEO can't be bothered with little issues like having to quarantine infected immigrants away from healthy ones, so they've adopted Trump's tactic: just don't test at all. No cases then, right? https://twitter.com/NewSanctuaryNYC/status/1291309957393063937
2/5 https://twitter.com/ReichlinMelnick/status/1291180169286373377
3/5 And to further ensure there are "zero cases", let's forego testing the staff as well. https://twitter.com/ReichlinMelnick/status/1291193240692064262
4/5 In fact, this is such a "great" idea, ICE is doing it everywhere. https://twitter.com/ReichlinMelnick/status/1291196074024218626?s=20
5/5 https://twitter.com/johnhawkinson/status/1291194403403554816
2/3 Whistleblower Dawn Wooten, a nurse at the Irwin County Detention Center (GA), says ICDC consistently used a particular gynecologist – outside the facility – who almost always opted to remove all or part of the uterus of his female detainee patients.
An excerpt from my thread on how the Trump regime is using COVID-19 to punish countries that don't let it pursue its racist anti-immigrant policies. https://twitter.com/windthin/status/1305924298742411264?s=20
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