Last month, ICE began family separation 2.0, in which they gave parents the difficult choice of 1) staying indefinitly in detention w/their children during a pandemic or 2) separating families by only releasing children alone, to sponsors & keeping parents locked up.
“Family residential centers are on fire and there is no more time for half measures.”

This is what Judge Gee said, referring to the spread of #COVID19 in family detention centers. Because YES the virus has already spread there.
The thing is...
J. Gee can’t technically order the release of parents BUT she did make clear that ICE the ability to do so. It’s just at their discretion.

Which isn’t great news considering their track record and unwillingness to release people from detention before.
So as great as these headlines are to see and the amazing progress our Family Detention team alongside @aldea_pjc & Proyecto Dilley have accomplished...

The ball is in ICE’s court now which means it’s actually on all of ours to get families released TOGETHER.
So what can you do? Get LOUD.
This should outrage people just as much as the family separation crisis in 2018. Binary choice is no choice at all.

☎️ Congress & demand they push ICE to #FreeThemAll #SafeAndTogether.

More info on all of this coming forth.
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