Puerto Rico should be whatever it wants. Pass it on https://twitter.com/AndrewYang/status/1276708538195349505
Since @AndrewYang is the #Data #Math guy?

Let's talk numbers on Puerto Rico Statehood:
In 2012 the headline was "Puerto Ricans favor statehood for first time"

Kinda. The statehood party broke the question up into two parts:

1. Should Puerto Rico continue its current territorial status?

2. HAHA forget question #1. Which non-territorial option do you prefer?
On question 1, 46% of voters said they wanted NO change.

On question 2, 61% of voters said they would choose statehood. But many political leaders told their constituents to leave this blank because of the dishonest framing. Over 500,000 ballots were left blank on this question
If you assume the 500,000+ blank votes on the 12' status vote are anti-statehood (around 1/3rd of all votes cast) the true support for Puerto Rico statehood would be less than 50%.

#Math #Data #Statistics whatever.
In 2017 the headline was: " 97% of Puerto Rico voted for Statehood"

**Just 23% of registered voters cast ballots*

The vote was boycotted across the island.

This is particularly significant when you consider that PR has FAR higher voter turn out rates than the US
There is CLEARLY no consensus for statehood in Puerto Rico. So saying "make Puerto Rico a state" is not liberal or progressive. It is talking over the expressed will of Puerto Ricans

(AND aligning yourself with the right-wing racist, homophobic, anti-labor statehood party)
To people saying things like "shit or get off the pot" Puerto Rico!

I wish it were that simple.

But it is difficult to move forward when you've spent so long in an abusive relationship.

In the case of Puerto Rico that abusive relationship is 122 years of US colonialism.
A lot of well-intentioned people saying they want Puerto Rico to become a state because to THEM that would be "equality" or "justice."

The question is what would be equality or justice to Puerto Ricans?
Also? The US is led by a white supremacist who let #COVID19 spiral & the economy crater. Blacks don't have reparations. US is 26T in debt & lettin cities w huge Puerto Rican pop like #NYC face DEVASTATING $ cuts

Does being consumed by that after 122yrs of colonialism sound just?

If you think Puerto Rico should be a state cause you believe it will help Democrats? That shows you are willing to treat Puerto Ricans like pawns in your game for more power.

Which is a straight-up colonizer mindset. That's why PR twitter is mad at you ok " #Resister "?
There is NO majority for statehood in Puerto Rico.

There IS a majority for cancelling the debt destroying out island.

Really care? Start there.

Not as some weird trade for statehood*** but because it is literally the very least the US can do after all of the harm it's caused.
I am Puerto Rican born & raised in NYC.

I have lived in but do not live in Puerto Rico.

I have my views on what status PR should be BUT do not impose them on others because (right now) I would not live day to day with the ramifications.

Neither should #VoteBlue2020
Would not live all of the ramifications* or the same ramifications*

The Puerto Rican diaspora has suffered immensely as a displaced peoples thanks to 122 years of US colonialism but that is for another thread
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