I can’t form any words right now. I really can’t. I can’t even write now. I mean — these two knows that time will come that they will go on separate ways and yet they are willing to be each other’s home when things get rough. They are open for each other’s cry for help —
They are ready to be there for each other. When I say MewGulf are each other’s biggest support system, I meant it. I didn’t fcking stutter on that one. These two are each other’s number one fan. Number one defender. NUMBER ONE IN EVERYTHING.
And maybe it’s because they are living in reality more than in fiction that we all fell in love with them together. They’re not just doing this for the heck of the series or the ship — they’re doing this for each other. Because they enjoy each other’s company.
Because they want to make every moment counts. Because they CLEARLY want it to last. And for us to fcking witness the beauty of their relationship, is... is so fcking precious. I won’t trade it for anything in this world. I am so so proud to be their fan.
I am so so proud to be one of their Waanjais. So fcking proud. I don’t even know what I’m trying to say — but to become a part of MewGulf’s history, regardless of the day that we will say good bye to them together, is ONE HECK OF AN HONOR.
And I am declaring it now. There’s no fcking GOODBYE in this fandom. In this fandom, we will only say “SEE YOU LATER”. Why? Good bye kinda means that you’re forever detaching yourself from anyone or anything. See you later is like an assurance that there is someone
waiting for you to come back home for you to tell them about how your day went and who you met. I JUST — I AM EMOTIONAL RIGHT NOW I KNOW. BUT I REALLY FCKING LOVE MEWGULF AND THIS FANDOM. With all my fcking heart. STAY TOGETHER FOR A LONG TIME!!!! A LONG LONG TIME PLEASE! 😭
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