All I'll say regarding the situation of a certain gaming YouTuber being cancelled over sexual assault allegations is this:

Many of the people who are on the side of cancelling him still believe that ProJared is guilty.

Consider that.
I strongly believe in the concept of innocent until proven guilty, and I haven't seen any concrete evidence of this person doing anything that could be considered anything close to what people are claiming.

If I'm wrong, then I'm wrong. But until then, I remain sceptical.
People are so quick to jump to conclusions and cancel people over mistakes or situations taken out of context.

You can't even have a private conversation where you and a friend jokingly say a naughty word without these fucking people trying to cancel your entire career.
And the thing about this, is that these people do this pretending that they care about justice or that they want to do the right thing.

They don't.

They just want the internet clout points.

They want to derail someone's career so they can be the next big thing.
And it's so fucking obvious too.

You'll point out holes in the accusations or a lack of evidence or present your own evidence and they'll handwave it all away and tell you to fuck off.

They aren't interested in learning the truth. They want a witch hunt. They want blood.
Anyway, if I'm wrong, then I hope the accusers get the justice they deserve.

If this person does turn out to be innocent, then every single person rallying against them can go fuck themselves.
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