Institutional racism is normally seen to be ‘Blacks can’t get jobs in x profession’ or ‘black kids excluded from school’

But it may be that institutional racism exists, just less of this kind. I fully believe in institutional racism.

I think it comes from the Left. 1/4 👇🏼THREAD
If black people who think differently are systematically barred from having a voice: they don’t fit with the narrative of ‘black people are oppressed’, then this might be because institutionally we depend on that narrative for us to feel good about ourselves. So we protect it 2/4
If too often, black people must sing offensive drill/lyrics about black murder or misogyny or write books about how white people are racist, to succeed, then that suggests an institutional hold on what black people can and cannot do if they wish to be admired by white Left. 3/4
If the Left have won the culture wars then that means culturally we are institutionally racist.

To think or behave differently from the normal expectation, one must be v brave - white or black.

Black people simply aren’t allowed to think for themselves. 4/4
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