Good morning, there are new folks in the community who I'm sure dont know infosecs open secret. Let me catch you up... my reach is ni... 0, you see, and i've been unchallenged on this so far...
infosec has a hypocrisy problem
you see, we have folks who call out charlatans, and they're great at it. It needs to be done.
we have elder statesmen and stateswomen acting as infosec stewards.
We need that to to an extent, but its gotten out off hand.
Typos abound, damn the torpedos, full speed ahead
so we perniciously gatekeep like any community, we expose charlatans too
But we dont call out hypocrisy, until riiiiiight now.
you see, a few years ago, there was a guy a nazi in fact that was the toast of infosec, holy shit everyone batted for this guys antics.
Now watch THIS drive:

The apex #infosec influencers that SUPPORTED AND FINANCED A NAZI AND HIS DRUG HABITS have been THE SAME INFLUENCERS EQUATING TRUMP SUPPORTERS TO NAZIS. is the hypocrisy clear yet? let it settle in and it should. Welcome to the community :)
This portrays a wholesale bias within infosec against right leaning politics when it suits them. You see, netdev is cool, but Republicans are the real nazis? The logic has now become "Lets round THEM up and not an avowed punk ass bitch."
so when we see infosec pundits talking trash, keep in mind the stunning hypocrisy just laid out before you.
Just a few years ago, real dyed-in-the-wool Nazis were beloved, right here, in #infosec
should I burn that bridge with thermite now and unroll this thread for posterity?
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