1/n #SadarPranam to Ishvara within you @tjoseph0010 ji.

I'm sorry to say but this dig of you at @NileshOak , in regards to time-period of Indian Civilization is highly unscientific.

Here is my rebuttal,which u may respond should u have substance,but only after tweet no is n/n. https://twitter.com/tjoseph0010/status/1267057896900096000
2/n First let me give you sources from what you guys call "peer reviewed paper".
You mention that Agriculture began with the beginning of Holocene which happened 12000 years ago.

But most recent papers state that agriculture occurred 23kaBP. Read on... https://twitter.com/tjoseph0010/status/1267060679610994689?s=20
3/n The paper breaks the myth that agriculture happened only ~12kabp as even @tjoseph0010 believes.

So Shri Tony Ji, archaeologically your belief is wrong about first time agriculture.

Now let us see what experts speak about Holocene.
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