➡️ After being acknowledged by UN as a separate nation, SidNaaz nation is observing its' first protest by the citizens.

➡️ As per our reports, the protesters want a SidNaaz selfie.

One of the protesters says :

"It's been almost 3 months since we got a SidNaaz picture. We are emotionally attached with them & demand a SidNaaz Selfie right now."

Another protester says,

" The last 3 months we got no SidNaaz contents . In this time we streamed Bhula Dunga, edited SidNaaz pictures, made VMs and tackled many fandom wars. But now we want a selfie of SidNaaz."

Amid of the protest, our team tried to talk to Sidharth Shukla & Shehnaaz Gill about this protest but they don't respond till now.

Let's see what happens next?

This Thread is full of imagination . I hope nobody gets butt hurt.

inspiration taken from : @r_xpose

@OfficialSidNaaz please have a look.

Hey @SidKiDuniyaa , @aashiiixo, @inikhil16 , @nobitaAARYAN , @BBTHIRTEEN1

Hope you like it and smiled a little I guess.
Hey @TeamSiddShukla one RT for the Thread please .

"with great power, comes great responsibilities"

Thank you. ❤️❤️
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