So all the people calling others bullshit,characterless,opportunist, hypocrites & other immature namecalling just coz someone doesn't respond to a trauma happening ain't the SAME PEOPLE who were preaching about mental health very recently?
I mean y'all are the rotten apples of a society. Put it subtly what you wanna say pressurizing the wrongs,NOT WHY OTHERS AIN'T SPEAKING. Pressurizing others to be angered ALWAYS is so so wrong. If it's not understood, Everyone has their own set of problems too! +
Each person responds differently. Maybe they have their personal battle going on, maybe someone is nursing their family, maybe someone is just too overloaded with stress on their plate!!! I do not understand what is this peer pressure to RESPOND? +
I remember understanding to respond to problems of society is my moral responsibility & DOESN'T IT LOSES IT'S PURPOSE WHEN YOU FORCE SOMEONE TO RESPOND? Please go complete your school lessons.
You namecalling others or being the casual judgemental folks just coz YOU have the mental capacity to respond and deal with the continuous traumas happening in the world IS DOWNRIGHT INHUMANE. Not everyone CAN!! SOME PEOPLE DO NEED SPACE.
People forget to be kind on this app so often. Apart from raising voices, this is someone's venting out place too. People who are stressed come here to RANT. And the continuous traumas do add to the stress!!
Please please be kind & non-judgmental even if someone doesn't respond to any happenings of the world. Rather check on them to see if they are doing fine. Be more understanding. It's so so necessary at this point of time when the world is going through so much at once.
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