Imagine an America where children were taught the amazing history of their country and took deep pride in it. Imagine an America where Hollywood sought to use it's awesome powers to inspire us to greater heights. Imagine an America where each Antifa member (continued.)...
was replaced by an accomplished Eagle Scout. Imagine an America where our athletes made us proud to be Americans. Imagine and America where women's studies graduates knew something about being women. (continued)..
Imagine an America where the brightest minds from around the world came to our Universities to learn about what made our country so great. Imagine an America where people of all ethnic backgrounds took pride in our shared and unmatched heritage (continued)...
And now imagine how twisted, vile, and evil the masterminds of our culture must really be. How they are seeking to poison us at every opportunity. Imagine the toxicity that must exist in their heart. And imagine being determined to fight with everything to remove them.
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