i haven’t seen much on here about this so JUNK TERROR BILL IN THE PHILIPPINES: A THREAD
source: @unccfasu on instagram
a google doc with all the links but i’ll also list them below https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WD4jv6GzMlRM0cXPiOvKkhkieRYIrssXkzabalRGlns/mobilebasic
(next tweet) To send an email to PCC and the Senate of Philippines:
**Note: If you are a Philippine resident/citizen (including international students from PH), DO NOT send this unless your VPN is hidden. This may put lives in danger if tracked by the Philippine government.**
please share this. on july 9, 2020 the anit-terror bill will automatically lapse into law, even is President Duterte doesn’t sign it.
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