#storytimethread This story is about my roommate Karen. and yes she is a KAREN indeed, a Boomer Karen
Me and my boyfriend is renting one of karens room, so we lived with her.
and boyyyy she is boomer af
dont get me wrong she is a nice person, she is just something else also 🤣 anyways, lemme just tell the story about last night
So me and my boyfriend went to kitchen and heat up some bread from #KolacheFactory She was sitting at the chair near the kitchen island where me and my boyfriend is eating.
We were having a normal conversation about food. And suddenly she was telling us how she had a "green colored poop" while we were all eating🤣 told yall she is something else
And then she said she ate green cupcake thats why her poop is green, my boyfriend and i look at each other with disbelief, and he told her that it has no connection with the color of what you eat.
And she like frowned and hardly disagree she be like "Nu-uh its because of it,because it happened 2 years ago my office had a cupcake for everyone and i ate mostly purple cupcakes and that night my poop turn purple"
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