Fighting against abuse of womxn in our industry should be in your interest as a cis white man too.

For all the talented colleagues you’ve missed out on because they left the industry. Or have been intimidated into not believing their skills are valuable.
For all the womxn who have not come to your industry party or mixer events or hiring events because they were worried they would get inappropriately hit on or run into their abuser who has been given space where womxn haven’t been safe.
For all the womxn creators who have not brought forward their ideas, who have decided against starting their own businesses or game companies because they’ve seen this industry chew people like us out over and over again.
Changing this industry to be safe for us should be in YOUR interest for all the incredible talent you’ve missed out on over the decades that we’ve been abused and treated poorly.
If you are committed to making the best, most creative, most exciting games in this industry, making space for us is extremely relevant because our talent and input matters.
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