"He speaks the truth when he can, always in ways designed to avoid displeasing his Leader. But whatever he does in private, he is perpetually willing to take the stage when called upon..." 2/x
"to evoke credibility, and to avoid commenting directly on the manifest failures of the administration, and to reassure everyone that the administration is serious...."
"Meanwhile all around him people are either ignoring him, contradicting him, or literally behaving in ways that directly contradict his recommendations." 4/x
I don't agree that Fauci could best serve the republic by turning around, telling Pence "fuck you," and walking out of the room, but still: Considering that he obviously doesn't have any power to determine policies... 5/x
what service wouldn't be handled by other bureaucrats if he left? What value does he serve sanity on the inside (where his main role is lending gravitas to the death cult, because everything he says is ignored or contradicted by the next person at the podium). Compared to... 6/x
...the service Dr. Anthong Fauci could render on the outside, as the unignorable spokesman not only for actual pubic health, but for a struggle to bring down what he knows is, functionally, a death cult?
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