I’m looking for a data scientist to join my team @spring_health! At Spring we are serious about fixing our ridiculously broken mental health system and we do amazing work breaking down barriers to care every single day. #DataScience

There are MANY great reasons to work at Spring. Let me give you just three.

1⃣Awesome founders @itschekkers @aprilkoh_ encourage the data science team to constantly learn, innovate, and test out ideas - we are on the cutting edge of data science and it shows. #rstats

2⃣Holy cow the people. I am in awe of my team and the other teams we collab with. Data scientists @phillynerd and @babichmorrowc are freaking amazing, brilliant, kind, and full of badassery. You will not regret working with them! #WomenInSTEM

3⃣We are laser focused on increasing access to mental health for ALL people. At the end of the day, this is what every person at Spring lives and breathes and it's such an empowering environment to be in.

So what are we looking for? You:

👩‍💻Are fluent in #R & #SQL and have been using them for a few years
🔍Enjoy solving problems
📙Like to tell stories
👩‍🔬 Worked with product/engineering teams
📈Have a solid understanding of #stats
🏙️Are in or near NYC

Nice to haves:
👩‍💼Some project management experience
⚕️Exp in mental health or healthcare data

If you’re interested please apply https://bit.ly/2BdIwwM  or send me a dm. And if you’re a diverse candidate please DEFINITELY apply or reach out to chat!

#rladies #blackinstem

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