We need to remember that there is no rule book or guidebook to life. All of us are playing this game blind. When you play a game blind you make mistakes, but you learn from those mistakes and improve yourself from them. (A thread)
Some people grew up in areas or around family that rose them incorrectly. Maybe they had a family that was racist, homophobic, insensitive, etc. When you’re around that your whole childhood, sometimes what’s right and wrong can be tricky to figure out.
People from those environments have to learn the hard way when they grow up and leave their bubble. The real world will teach you so much more than your childhood bubble. They’re going to have misconceptions on what is and isn’t okay to say and do.
It takes time for people like that to learn, change, and grow into a better person. What somebody says when they’re young doesn’t reflect what they believe when they’re 25 because odds are they learned the error in their upbringing and are making changes to be a better person.
As a society, we need to stop judging people so harshly. We need to have empathy and understanding that we’re all at different levels in the game of life and you can’t expect everybody to know everything.
It’s okay to tell somebody that something hurt or offended you, and then explain why it did. Open up a healthy conversation to help that person understand why what they did isn’t okay. Don’t try to ruin their life for it, because that doesn’t help anybody.
This doesn’t mean there isn’t bad people out there. But we need to pick these fights the right way. Pray for your friends and enemies that their heart changes positively every day. Because nobody’s perfect. You live and you learn it. Again and again til you get it right.
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