Thirteenth Doctor thread (no hate please)

I think what upsets me about the Thirteenth Doctor is I want to like her. I really do.

She’s the first female Doctor and I was interested to see how that went down. I was sceptical. Just because I’ve always seen the Doctor as a man.
I don’t think anyone was owed a female Doctor. Yes, it’s well documented the character could change gender, but that’s not to say they should.

My version of Who is an older grey haired man. That always changes. Eccleston was a northern 2000s clothes wearing middle aged bloke.
When Jodie Whittaker was announced as the Doctor. My only thought was “I wish it were Peter Capaldi still”.

That’s nothing negative against his replacement as that would have been true of whoever took over, but I was excited to see Jodie.
Personally I could have taken or left a female Doctor. I honestly just didn’t care for it, but only in a sense of neutrality.

I just want a good actor and with Jodie Whittaker that’s what we got. A good actor.
So I went in wanting to love her, but the characterisation let her down.

She’s found herself as my least favourite Doctor because the way she’s written is like a parody of the Eleventh Doctor. Jodie is such a strong actress and is capable of a better characterised Doctor.
So I absolutely agree #jodieourdoctor because she is. She’s the Doctor who brings joy to so many.

Just because she hasn’t clicked with me doesn’t mean people shouldn’t enjoy her. No one should be nasty about the current Doctor for nasty’s sake.
I have nothing, but respect for Jodie Whittaker and think she’s brilliant. I think Chibnall is pretty good too. He just isn’t for me. His vision isn’t shared by myself.
So let people love Jodie Whittaker’s take on the Doctor. It’s their right.

Be critical, if you wish, it’s okay to have preference of the Doctor as a man, that’s fine.

Just don’t be a bigot. Don’t be nasty to fans. Don’t spend your life dedicated to bile about the current era.
The hate Jodie Whittaker gets is completely unfair.

She is the Doctor. She has been for nearly as long as the average Doctor Who.

Jodie Whittaker is the Doctor.
I hope I’ve written this in a way that is clear.

I think just because people dislike the way the Thirteenth Doctor is written doesn’t mean they’re against a female Doctor. In the same way disliking, say, Peter Capaldi’s Doctor doesn’t mean you’re against a male Doctor.
It’s just so many haters of the Thirteenth Doctor are using it to fuel a weird bigoted agenda which is just wrong and nasty.

Also I love Jo Martin as the Doctor. If she’s characterised as well as she has been so far... I want lots more please.
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