1) Did Epstein kill himself? If yes, carry on. If you think something else went down...
2) Who is #JohnPodesta ?
3) #JohnPodesta has been the Kings hand to Both Clintons and Obama
4) #JohnPodesta and his brother #TonyPodesta are very weird, sick & evil people.
6) #JohnPodesta and #TonyPodesta have attended #SpiritCooking parties at #MarinaAbramovic house.
7) What even is #SpiritCooking Who even is #MarinaAbramovic
9) #JohnPodesta and #TonyPodesta go to parties like this: [photos in next tweet of thread]
10) #JohnPodesta and #TonyPodesta go to parties like this:
11) #MarinaAbramovic call herself an "artist," WTF?? #SpiritCooking
12) Dont even google #PodestaArtCollection on google
13) #JohnPodesta was #HillaryClinton's left hand
14) #HumaAbedin is #HillaryClinton's Right Hand.
15) Who even is #HumaAbedin ?
16) She married WHO? #AnthonyWeiner
17) Who even is #AnthonyWeiner
18) When the authorities seized his laptop in the #WeinerGate sexting scandal, they found some wild stuff on there. Also, #HumaAbedin had logged into Microsoft outlook on the laptop and a backup PST of all her emails was created. And her Blackberry backup too. Uh OH
19) Besides the #ClintonEmails Anthony Weiner had some "life insurance files" tucked away in that laptop...
20) @SidneyPowell1 knows what's on there:
21) @SidneyPowell1 youtube video:
22) What if I told you what the file was called, would you even care? What if it was in #meme format? #FrazzleDrip #adrenochrome #NWO
23) Did @SidneyPowell1 say 675,000 emails on that laptop? I thought the FBI said they only looked at 33k emails. We (Patriots) Have Them All. The #podesta emails are on #WikiLeaks
24) What kind of video makes harden NY detectives vomit? I don't know... Is it the murder of a young girl, by #HillaryClinton #HumaAbedin with #AnthonyWeiner as cameraman?
25) This screenshot was posted to 4chan by the NY detectives. They demanded the FBI that monitors the boards contact the military to investigate, otherwise they would POST IT ALL online.
26) This is too crazy right? Well, The same people go to #SpiritCooking parties, buy/trade the Podesta "art collection" and visit Epstein Island. #BillClinton was the number 1 traveler to #EpsteinIsland.
27) #ThesePeopleAreSick What does it have to do with the #WhiteRabbit ?
28) What is #Adrenochrome ? it’s a drug highly valued and sought after by the elite, it’s addictive, it’s harvested from tortured children in Satanic rituals. Most of the people on the Epstein Flight Logs are on it.
29) Did you catch where its made #Wuhan China
30) Don't Worry, just #ConspiracyTheory stuff. Long Explanation too, right? What if you could tell a story in one photo? what even is a #meme ?
31) Memes are fascinating way to communicate whole ideas in one photo, but they rely on a sub-source of knowledge to understand.
32) just #memes dont worry
33) Memes are interesting because you either "get it" or you dont. Some people do their own research. What if all the memes for the upcoming months have already been made? #FutureProvesPast
35) Some Memes are for future events
37) from US
38) And whats with all the friggin' frogs lol kek https://pepethefrogfaith.wordpress.com/ 
39) Newsweek was close with its title, but not quite there.
43) The Q source meme archive is like a looking glass/comic book into an alternate [true] reality. Anons are already living in the future, the rest of the world is about to catch up to US. https://wearethene.ws/notable/57416 
45) Q Plan To Save the World:
46) From out of the Shadow Doc. Hollywood Pedos exposed
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