movie theater, miritama quirkless au
Mirio Togata and Tamaki Amajiki were both students at the same high school. The school they attended was pretty big, so they didn’t cross paths all that often (aside from sharing the same art class)
Mirio was POPULAR, everyone adored him, +
students and teachers alike; his grades were noteworthy and his sports skills were amazing— they truly spoke for themselves.
Tamaki, on the other hand, was a pro at hiding. He was prone to bullying (which has everything to do with his timid, gay, emo nature) so he stuck to his +
tight knit friend group.
Tamaki’s parents weren’t exactly absent from his life, but their jobs kept them from being home enough to be real parents. They’d send money home for him, but it wasn’t ever enough so he found himself working at the local movie theater for some extra +
He hated his job, but establishments willing to hire someone under 18 were far and few in his area. Normal days were do-able, but weekends or days off were torture, as kids from his school would attend shows at the theater he works, sure to leave the room they watched +
their movie in an absolute nightmare, all to spite and inconvenience poor Tamaki, so he’d have to spend hours cleaning up.
Tamaki had a crush on Mirio, but the few times he’d bring a date to the movie theater were far worse than the disrespectful people who made messes. +
It always made Tamaki’s heart sink to see Mirio smile with someone else— ESPECIALLY the few pretty girls he’d hang around with. He resigned to letting himself catch longing glances at the eye candy that is Mirio and trying not to care otherwise. +
On top of Mirio’s popularity and overall gifted nature, he hailed from a decently wealthy family, so when they told him they were “cutting him off” so that he’d have to “learn how to make a living without relying on their funds”, he was shocked.
Who would hire a high school, +
rich boy jock, who was 17- barely on the cusp of 18? You guessed it: the movie theater Tamaki worked at.
The management team seemed decently impressed with his not-so-detailed resume, mostly going for the fact that he was quite strong and could do the heavy lifting on shipment +
Tamaki, who had this job for much longer than he’d like to admit, was considered Mirio’s senior and was tasked with training the newbie on all of the various posts you could work per shift.
“H-hi, I’m Tamaki Amajiki. I’ll be the one training you.” he shyly spoke, mostly +
looking down at his shoes and fiddling with the hem of his oversized sweater.
“Tamaki! Yeah, I know you! You’re a junior at UA High, right?”
Mirio’s smile was blinding. Tamaki could only briefly meet his eyes before blushing.
“Mhm! We have art together..”
Mirio’s eyes lit up, +
“Yeah, your work is amazing. It’s no wonder you’re the teacher’s favorite.” The compliment had Tamaki’s face flushed straight to the pointed tips of his ears.
“A-anyways, the first thing i’ll be showing you is the ticket booth. You’ll spend the most time here as a newbie.” +
Tamaki pressed all sorts of buttons and inserted costs, times and dates. Had Mirio not been paying close attention, he might have missed some important details.
“Here’s the discount button- remember, you’re NOT supposed to give friends discounts. You could get into trouble.” +
“No worries, ‘maki, I’m a saint, not a trouble maker.” Tamaki couldn’t help is little chuckle, before showing Mirio how to reload the ticket dispenser.
Mirio reached over Tamaki, the entire front of his body pressing into his back, “Like this?” his voice was naturally softer, +
which caused a shiver to take through Tamaki entire body. He could only nod, barely trusting his voice around the other.
They worked their way through the theater, Tamaki explaining important things in explicit detail.
His mind was plagued with thoughts of how cute Mirio was +
when he was listening intently and focusing. Tamaki joked to himself, thinking that he could physically see the gears of thought in Mirio’s mind turning as he processed new bits of information. He knew the furrowed brow was a tell-tale sign of confusion on the blonde’s face, +
so he’d over explain or ask Mirio to repeat what he’d said back to him, to ensure the other understood.
When it came time to show him how to use the popcorn machines is when things got entertaining. Tamaki told him NOT to add the flavoring to the popcorn before popping it +
(he didn’t listen) which caused butter to spray out of the funnel crevasses, spraying them with oil and butter. The two couldn’t even stop laughing long enough for Mirio to apologize for his mistake.
“You know, you’re actually a lot of fun, Tamaki.” the breathy words escaped +
Mirio’s lips after their laughter had died down.
Tamaki left for a moment, mostly to compose himself, but used the excuse of getting a fresh towel to wipe things down.
When he returned, the smile that had been on his face the entire night dropped.
He saw Mirio, standing at the +
counter, the customer’s side littered with his fellow jock friends (the ones that weren’t all that kind to Tamaki).
“You really have that loser showing you the ropes?” one said.
“Yeah, they couldn’t make the hot girl do it? it had to be the emo fag?” another added. +
Mirio made no motions to disagree with any of the statements; which only led Tamaki to believe he thought they were all true. He knew jocks couldn’t be trusted and he cursed himself for thinking Mirio could ever be different.
He emerged, throwing a fresh towel at Mirio, +
giving him an order to “finish cleaning up his mess and clock out for the night”.
Mirio didn’t think much of it, just assuming Tamaki was feeling a little awkward and self conscious due to the sudden appearance of the other jocks.
“Okay, goodnight!” Mirio called out to him, +
wiping himself and the remainder of the butter off, before clocking out and hopping off the counter to leave the theater with his friends.
Tamaki sat in the storage room, shockingly distraught. Jocks were awful, but he’d always hoped Mirio wasn’t the same. Boy, was he wrong. +
The next day at school, Tamaki awaited art class with baited breath. He didn’t know how to face Mirio after the events of the night before.
Mirio, on the other hand, didn’t comprehend any of that, as he stalked into the classroom with his usual confidence, taking the empty seat +
next to Tamaki.
Tamaki removed his pointed white and gold hood and headphones, looking up from his sketchbook at the boy next to him. Mirio’s books were in a haphazard pile, hanging out of Mirio’s opened gym bag, as he messily dug out his own sketchbook.
“Can I help you?” +
Tamaki asked, cocked eyebrow, voice laced with a lot more malice than intended.
Mirio, seeming as innocent as ever, only smiled. “If we’re gonna be friends, i thought maybe i could sit with you when you’re looking a little lonely.”
Anger flared in Tamaki and he shook his head, +
“No!” Tamaki whisper shouted at him, “You don’t get to do that.”
He stood up, collecting his things in his arms, ready to leave the classroom before the class began.
“Do what?” Mirio questioned, shock evident in his adorably furrowed brow.
“Pretend like you’re okay with me, +
when I know you obviously AREN’T.”
“Tamaki, what are you talking about?” Mirio grabbed Tamaki’s wrist, trying to keep him from leaving.
“Don’t touch me! I saw you last night, with your stupid friends and i heard everything they said about me- so i’m not gonna waste my time with +
the likes of you, knowing that’s how you feel.” Tamaki pulled his wrist free from the loose grip of strong fingers held over his soft skin.
Mirio sighed, letting Tamaki go.
“If only Tamaki knew the truth.” he thought to himself, discouragedly reclaiming his regular seat. +
(cont) The day dragged on, or at least Mirio thought. For Tamaki, the day was going too quick. The pit in his stomach got worse and worse the more he thought about having to see Mirio at work later that night. It wasn’t an avoidable situation- he was still training him.. +
He considered calling out sick, but then he remembered he was the only one qualified on shift to do the training.. and let’s face it, he really did need the money and couldn’t afford a day off.
He reluctantly pulled his work pollo over his head, giving himself a once-over in +
the mirror.
“I won’t let him get to me.” he spoke so surely to himself before locking up his home and heading to his job.
Mirio was already there in the staff lounge looking as bright eyed and bushy tailed as ever. He opened his mouth to say something, but Tamaki wasn’t +
“If the next words out of your mouth aren’t work related, save it. I don’t need to hear them.” Tamaki’s voice was always soft, even when he was mad. “I want you clocked and in the ticket booth in no more than five minutes or you’re getting an infraction.” He swiped +
his own time card, securing his name tag and walking himself to the ticket booth.
Mirio trailed closely behind (after clocking himself in) calling after Tamaki.
“Look, Tamaki, I’m sorry, okay? I don’t know how to make it up to you.” Mirio’s voice sounded genuine, but Tamaki +
couldn’t let himself be fooled.
“This isn’t professional to speak about at our place of work.” He mustered the snootiest voice he could manage, pressing random buttons to make himself look busy so he could avoid Mirio’s eyes.
“But, I’m serious. Just because my friends said all +
of that, doesn’t mean I agree with them, I swear!” Mirio’s voice sounded just shy of distraught and Tamaki felt the need to humor him.
“If you didn’t agree with them, you wouldn’t be friends with them. Or at the least, you wouldn’t put up with the things they say and do.” +
It was a great point, Mirio had to admit. The way he acted was silly.. borderline dick-ish, if he did say so himself..
“I put up with them because I don’t want anyone knowing the truth!” the words that had just left Mirio’s lips were a blur, neither having the time to elaborate +
as there was a customer waiting to purchase a ticket at the booth.
She was an older women with two kids, and he knew that those were they types of people that shouldn’t be kept waiting. He didn’t even bother showing Mirio the proper steps, just printing the tickets she +
requested, scanning her weekly coupon and praying that her small talk wouldn’t last forever.
Just as any theater, one person waiting to buy tickets quickly turned into a full line and Tamaki had no choice but to have Mirio open a second booth, looking to move things along. +
Having to reach over the other to override things or show off controls he didn’t learn the night before had an air of awkwardness behind it— especially with how their conversation from only moments ago ended.
Somehow, Mirio seemed softer and less energetic than usual. +
Tamaki knew he couldn’t stay mad at his longtime crush, so he dropped his negative emotions for the time being and decided this was just work— he’d be professional.
After the ticket rush, their night was slow. Mirio was notoriously never quiet, so he of course filled the space +
with any form of chatter he could think of.
Admittedly, Mirio made it hard for Tamaki to remember that he was supposed to be mad.
They found out they had a lot in common. They liked the same movies, grew up watching the same shows, they even had the same favorite food (which +
is anything spicy as long as ice cream is for dessert). Mirio had Tamaki comfortable and laughing again in no time at all. He was amazed by the power he let this boy have over him.
When their shift was over, they clocked out together. Being a senior worker, Tamaki had keys, so +
he was able to lock up after everything was cleaned and everyone else was gone for the night. There was a pretty sizable movie release that night, so they weren’t finished until pretty late (just after 1 am).
Tamaki set the alarm and locked the main doors, wondering what +
Mirio was doing still hanging around.
“You can go home now, you know.” he told him, knowing most employees jet at the taste of freedom.
“I wanted to offer you a ride home.. I mean, it’s late and I drive, so..”
Tamaki was going to argue and say that walking didn’t bother him +
but after recent events, he was pretty drained. “Sure, if it’s not any trouble.”
“Of course not! You’re on my way home.” Mirio’s wide smile returned. “Besides, if it were trouble, i wouldn’t have offered!”
They walked to the parking lot where Mirio parked his car. Tamaki knew +
Mirio’s family was well off but *wow* he had to admit Mirio’s car was nice.
Tamaki opened the door to the passengers seat, stopping in his tracks when an item fell out of the car and onto the floor.
“What?” he questioned to himself, bending over to grab the item without a +
second thought.
When the cloth was in this hand and he realized what it was, he nearly jumped out of his skin. He threw the item back into the car, slamming the door, getting a head start on the walk of shame away from Mirio’s car.
“Tamaki, what’s wrong? Hey, Tamaki-“ +
Mirio called after him, turning to the passengers seat to examine the item, his cheeks flushed at the memory when his eyes met a pastel yellow pair of lace panties.
“Oh. My. God.” He nearly shouted at himself, stepping on the pedal, determined to catch up with the other +
even though Tamaki had quite the head start; and Mirio had to scan his employee parking pass to be allowed out of the lot.
He caught sight of Tamaki, who was walking with his regular white hoodie with gold embellishments pulled over his head, covering him.
“Hey, ‘Maki, I swear, +
it’s not what you think!”
Tamaki used his best efforts to ignore him, continuing his regular, briskly paced walk home.
When it became clear that Mirio wouldn’t stop following Tamaki, he paused in his tracks.
“Look, I just wanna go home and forget these last two days ever +
happened.” Tamaki looked absolutely fed up, but Mirio wouldn’t accept that.
“I promise you it isn’t what you think! I don’t fuck girls in my car!” Mirio’s confession sounded so casual, Tamaki couldn’t help but laugh, “Am I supposed to think that makes you different from your +
homophobic, asshole friends? Just cause you don’t fuck in the car? Spare me the straight sex details, Togata.”
“That’s what im trying time say! I don’t have sex with women. Not just in my car. No where, ever.” Mirio spoke, hoping the other would just.. catch his drift. +
“A jock that doesn’t have sex with every woman in sight? Is that supposed to impress me? Cause it sure as hell doesn’t explain the panties, Togata. I don’t have time for your sick ‘pick on the gay emo’ games.” Tamaki continued onward to his home, praying Mirio wouldn’t follow. +
Mirio hopped out of his car, panties and phone in hand. “Please let me explain,” Mirio shoved his phone towards Tamaki, motioning for him to look at the screen.
“I’m not interested in seeing pictures of your ‘many conquests’, no matter how— YOU?” Tamaki was shocked, cheeks +
completely heated at the sight of the picture.
Mirio, obnoxiously flexing, wearing yellow panties (the same yellow panties from the far) and a matching bralette.
“It was a dare. I lost a bet with my friends.” the taller admitted.
Tamaki found himself unable to meet Mirio’s +
eyes after seeing a borderline nude of his.
“Look, I know i’ve given you no reason to trust me, but i really need you to believe me when i say that i’m not like the rest of my friends.”
Tamaki shighed, “How do you expect me to think that’s true?”
Mirio opened his mouth, any +
semblance of a response dying on his lips. Tamaki handed back Mirio’s phone and began walking again. “Goodnight, Mirio.”
“I’m gay.”
Those words were the only ones he never expected to hear. His heartbeat was so loud in his chest, he was sure Mirio would be able to hear it. +
“You don’t have to lie to me.” Tamaki couldn’t turn around to face him, not when his heart was feeling like this.
“I’m not.” Mirio’s voice was honest, “I always just thought I was picky because women never met my standards, but it wasn’t until after the first time i had sex +
with a girl that I realized that wasn’t what I’m into.” His voice was borderline awkward, Tamaki had a feeling this wasn’t something he told people very often. “I always knew I found men attractive, but that kinda just.. solidified it for me.”
“But, I see you.. with the girls +
when you bring the into the theater for dates.” Tamaki countered him, interested in his response.
“Nejire and Camie? Nejire is my ex girlfriend. The one I slept with. Her and her girlfriend, Camie, are the only ones who know I’m gay. I guess you could say they’re my covers.” +
Tamaki met Mirio’s eyes, he looked like a weight was lifted off of his shoulders at his confession. It made Tamaki smile.
“Your secret’s safe with me.” Tamaki told him, knowing those were the only words Mirio needed to hear.
“Yeah, I know.” he smiled back. +
There was an unspoken truce between the two and Mirio invited Tamaki back into his car, spending the ride to Tamaki’s in a comfortable silence.
“Thanks for opening up to me.” Tamaki told him, his usual nervousness basically forgotten as he placed a hand on Mirio’s arm. +
Mirio slid Tamaki’s hand down so he could hold it in his own, briefly pulling his eyes from the road to smile warmly once more.
“It’s thrilling to have someone know the real me for once, you know?”
Yeah, Tamaki did know. +
Weeks passed; Mirio and Tamaki were hanging out more and more, with school, work and even outside.
Tamaki never used to attend sports matches, but he found himself too weak to say no when Mirio asked to nicely. He swore, if he didn’t have feelings for the boy before, he sure +
did now.
He’d even taken to hanging out with Nejire and Camie, which was nice because he had quite a few classes with them both. The girls weren’t out with their relationship, so going on ‘dates’ with Mirio was still their cover but it was fine because Tamaki knew the truth. +
The three sat together in the bleachers, they shared snacks and they waited for Mirio’s wrestling match to begin. When his weight class came up, he stood from where their school’s team sat, shedding his sweatpants and varsity jacket, pulling the top part of his singlet up +
over his ripped arms.
Tamaki was just short of drooling over Mirio’s body.
“You’re totally crushing on him!” Camie exclaimed, throwing a piece of popcorn at the side of his head.
“Am not!” He blushed, unable to tear his eyes away from Mirio, as he stepped up to greet his +
opponent for the match.
The team they were up against was good, but Mirio was better. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Mirio would have him pinned within the first few minutes.
“Isn’t wrestling the best sport Mirio plays? I mean, look at those muscles!” Nejire wiggled +
her eyebrows at Tamaki, who gently pushed her face away.
“Yeah, ‘Maki, what are you gonna do when baseball season starts and you see him in those tight, godforsaken pants?” Camie teased and Tamaki’s frustration was visible.
“Shh, I’m trying to focus!”
None of them understood +
wrestling, but supporting a friend (and seeing attractive, muscular men in singlets) was well worth it.
Nejire perked up, “You know, I think that guy from the other team has been checking you out.”
“Well yeah, Camie’s really pretty. Who wouldn’t check her out.” +
“No, you idiot! Hottie: Number 6, he’s totally checking YOU out!” Nejire nudged him, obnoxiously pointing to the cute boy who sat across the room.
“What? No way. H-he’s probably looking at Camie.” Tamaki stuttered out, following the direction Nejire was pointing.
His eyes met +
Hottie: Number 6 and boy was he cute.
Number 6 was sure to give Tamaki an obvious look up and down, a bright, crooked smirk following. Tamaki shifted his gaze, he was positive his blush could be seen from such a distance.
The buzzer sounded, signifying Mirio pinned his +
“YEAH MIRI!!” The girls shouted excitedly and Tamaki could only awkwardly clap (he had spirit and showed support but the screaming and drawing attention to himself wasn’t really his thing).
Mirio gave them a wave and a soft smile before reclaiming his spot next to +
the team.
“I’m gonna go get some water.” Tamaki told the girls, awkwardly shuffling off to the concessions stand at the gym’s entrance.
He purchased 4 water bottles and some s/kittles, standing alone by the wall to catch a breather. Too much social interaction got him a little +
“Hey, I’m Keigo Takami.” Hottie: Number 6 stood in front of him, entirely dashing smile. “What’s your name, cutie?”
The boldness of Keigo had Tamaki blushing up to his ears, “I’m Tamaki Amajiki.”
“So, someone as cute as you is bound to be taken, am I right?” +
Keigo asked and continued when Tamaki didn’t answer, “If you’re not spoken for, maybe I could ask you to dinner after the match is over?”
“I-I’m sorry, Keigo, I really don’t want to give you the wrong idea.” Tamaki’s gaze shifted. “I kind of have feelings for someone else..” +
“Sorry— I didn’t mean to assume.” Keigo took the rejection shockingly well. “So, just feelings, huh? They don’t like you back or you haven’t shot your shot?”
“Both? I don’t know.”
“Well, whoever they are, they’d be blind not to like you.” Keigo’s words were honest, they made +
Tamaki giggle.
“Here: my number.” Keigo handed him a small, torn paper, “If you ever wanna talk or go out. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a match to win.”
Tamaki’s smile didn’t falter as he headed back to his friends.
“‘Maki! Hottie: Number 6 totally followed you out!” +
“Give us the gritty deets!”
“His name’s Keigo. He was sweet, I got his number.” Tamaki was so flushed he could barely speak the words, handing the girls a bottled water each. “I told him I was interested in someone else, though.”
“You should still text him!” Camie said, +
Nejire lightly hitting her knee. “What? Backup hotties are always good! As a booty call, friend or other. You never know.”
“Do you have any of these ‘back up hotties’ I should know about?” Nejire asked and Camie winked.
“Why? Think we need a third?”
Tamaki slouched into his +
hoodie, embarrassingly red at the ongoing conversation. He reluctantly tapped the keyboard on his phone, adding Keigo’s number. It wouldn’t hurt to save.
Mirio finally managed to break away from the team long enough to join his friends at the viewer’s bleachers.
“How’d I do?” +
He wasn’t ever very cocky, but he was confident in his sports abilities. He had every right to be seeing as he was currently their school’s record holder for fastest pin in a wresting match.
“You never cease to amaze!” The girls fawned over him.
Tamaki handed him a bottle +
along with the s/kittles. Mirio didn’t eat much junk food during wrestling season, but Tamaki knew they were his favorite post-match sweet.
“Thanks, ‘Maki.” Mirio’s hand lingered on Tamaki’s longer than necessary when grabbing the items from him. It was moments like these that +
made Tamaki question if Mirio liked him back or not.
Mirio couldn’t sit with them for long, seeing as the team always sat together to cheer each other on no matter who was up or what the game was, but Tamaki enjoyed the temporary closeness.
The next match was Keigo versus +
a kid on Mirio’s team named Shoji. Keigo looked to be half Shoji’s size (which was numerically impossible being that wrestling opponents were determined by weight classes). Tamaki knew he should be rooting for his home team, but he could help the way his eyes fixed on Keigo. +
They grappled at each other, Shoji having Keigo in a near fall, but Keigo was much more nimble— he got himself out of the hold and was quick to turn the tables, wracking up enough points to win a technical fall.
“You were watching that match pretty closely, huh?” Mirio asked, +
struggling to keep his voice neutral sounding.
“Oh, um. Keigo, from the opposing team.. we met before and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to pay attention.” Tamaki explained himself in his regularly quiet and shy tone.
Mirio showed over exaggerated, mock offense (to hide the fact +
that he was admittedly pretty jealous). “I can’t believe you’re interested in watching another man wrestle! The betrayal!” The four friends giggled, dismissing the situation.
Mirio had to excuse himself and get back to the team, saying something about “cooling Shoji down after +
a loss”.
When the remainder of the matches concluded (their home team won overall, taking the lead by just 4 team points), Tamaki and the girls waited around for Mirio. The girls wanted to see a movie and the boys had work.
Tamaki pulled out his phone, excusing it as boredom, +
and decided to text Keigo.
//T: Hey, it’s Tamaki Amajiki from UA. I saw your match and wanted to say, it was pretty impressive.//
//K: Hey, thanks. I’m glad you stuck around for it, you don’t seem like the sports type.”//
//T: I was waiting for a friend. Seeing you wrestle +
was a happy side effect.//
//K: Friend or a friend-friend?//
//T: The boy I like, he happens to be on the team. Glad I got to see you wrestle though!//
//K: No way! Aren’t all wrestlers like total douches?//
//T: Speak for yourself much?//
//K: I’m kidding, I’m kidding. +
Lemme guess who?//
//T: Fine, humor me.//
//K: Blonde hair, blue eyes, total hunk.//
//T: I refuse to believe you guessed that quick.//
//K: Didn’t have to, you were drooling over him the entire match.//
//T: Touché.//
Their conversation continued, words of encouragement +
coming from Keigo.
He kept telling Tamaki he’d regret not taking the leap and admitting his feelings. Of course, Tamaki knew he was right, but that didn’t mean he wanted to hear it from someone he barely knew.
Mirio stepped out of the locker room, surrounded by his teammates, +
all laughing and smiling, all happy to have won.
Mirio excused himself from the team, making his way over to his other friend. He was wearing his varsity jacket, no shirt, sweatpants and slides. His hair was dripping wet (he’d no doubt taken a shower in the locker room) and +
Tamaki swears, in that moment, he felt his soul leave his body.
“Congrats, Captain. Now, let’s get this show on the road!” Camie’s hand found Mirio’s, pulling him towards the exit, Nejire and Tamaki following closely behind.
The school’s parking lot wasn’t overly crowded, but +
some students, teachers and team supporters lingered.
“Hey, Mirio!” someone called, doing some type of weird handshake. “Still hanging out with the fag, I see.”
Another came up from behind, bumping Tamaki as he stepped forward, “Yeah man, what’s that all about?”
The girls +
moved to either side of Tamaki, knowing the stupid boys weren’t dumb enough to mess with them.
“He’s cool.” Mirio said, looking over at Tamaki.
“The definition of cool musta changed recently cause skinny nerds just ain’t it.”
Other boys laughed and high fived at what was said, +
but that only pissed Mirio off. He pushed the chest of the boy who spoke out of line, nothing but menace in his voice. “I said he’s cool and that means leave him alone.”
No one was ever brave (or stupid) enough to stand up to Mirio. He always had such a sweet disposition but +
everyone knew he wasn’t someone you’d willingly cross.
“Yeah, whatever. He wasn’t even worth it.” the boy stepped down, walking away.
Tamaki couldn’t believe Mirio stood up for him for quite possibly the first time ever. It meant so much to him.
“Let’s go.” Mirio spoke, +
motioning for the gang to get into his car.
The girls sat in the back, leaving Tamaki shotgun with Mirio. He couldn’t help but observe the white knuckled grip Mirio had on the steering wheel as he drove.
“You okay?” Tamaki whispered, even though he knew Nejire and Camie could +
still hear him.
Mirio nodded, he didn’t trust himself enough for words.
Tamaki placed his hand on top of Mirio’s arms, running it up and down until Mirio took his hand in his own. This was a habit they’d gotten into, holding hands while driving. The girls never mentioned it +
and neither of them ever felt the need to talk about it, but it always seemed to calm Mirio down or make Tamaki feel less anxious.
“Do you wanna talk about it?” Tamaki asked, giving Mirio a reassuring squeeze with the hand that held his, using his other hand to softly ghost +
shapes onto the back of Mirio’s hand.
“They just bother me. They have no right to speak to you the way that they do.” Mirio admitted.
Tamaki’s heart fluttered.
“You don’t have to get all bothered like this over me, I’m used to it, you know that.” Tamaki tried to reassure him. +
“Yeah, but you shouldn’t be, ‘Maki.” Mirio sighed, “Assholes treating you like shit shouldn’t be apart of your every day life.”
“Hey, you know I don’t care what they say. They don’t matter. But you do. You, Camie, Nejire, my other friends. You guys matter. They don’t.” +
Mirio squeezed his hand back, meeting Tamaki’s eyes for just a moment. It amazed him how Tamaki helped to calm him down. “How do you always know the right things to say?”
“I call it my Big Gay Intuition.” Tamaki joked, letting the whole car know it was okay to break out into +
The remainder of the ride was comfortable. Camie connected her bluetooth, playing a dumb podcast they always listened to together.
Being with friends. That felt nice.
//tw: the next few updates will have/have mentions of:
homophobia, physical + verbal abuse, bullying & violence.
i don’t think it’s gonna be anything super triggering or gore-y, but i will be putting a: ❌ emoji on all upcoming tweets that’ll have such content.//
//also some of y’all may have noticed i haven’t given “Tamaki’s bullies” names. I’m probably just going to make them OC’s and give them basic jock names as i don’t wanna tie any innocent characters i love to them lmao//
(thread cont.)
A handful of more weeks passed, Tamaki’s friendship with Keigo blossomed and he also got much, much closer to Mirio. His own feelings were undeniable, he still hasn’t “manned up” enough to say anything to Mirio, though.
“I’m telling you, Tamaki.” Keigo started, +
taking Tamaki’s soda straight out of his hand, stealing a drink. “The boy is obsessed with you! I mean, who wouldn’t be? You’re smart, artsy and you totally have that shy boy thing going for you. Take it from me, the gays dig that shit!”
Tamaki’s sleeve-covered hand came up +
to shyly cover his face.
“Hide all you want, I know you’re blushing.” Keigo teased.
“We’re supposed to be guy shopping for YOU. That kind of doesn’t work if you’re fawning over me the entire time.” Tamaki teased back, nudging Keigo’s shoulder.
“Hey, I promised I’d play the +
field for awhile. Mark my words, Tamaki Amajiki, if Mirio rejects you, I’m swooping in and shooting my own shot.” Keigo and Tamaki laughed uncontrollably at his words. “I’ll be like a hawk! You won’t even see me coming!”
“Okay, Mr. Hawk, you plan on buying me a new soda, +
considering you just drank the rest of mine?”
Keigo pulled Tamaki along to a tea store, deciding it’d be better than soda.
“Hottie cashier, 12 o’clock.” Keigo had his sights set, likely entering the tea store just to make his move.
“Yeah, go get ‘em, Hawky.” Tamaki laughed. +
“You’re never gonna let me live that down, are you, Amajiki?”
“Not a chance, bird man!”
Tamaki decided to give Keigo space to ‘do his thang’.. as he so bashfully put it. He stood close to the entrance, giving the occasional peek inside to see his friend getting his flirt on. +
“Look, it’s the little fag from school!” an all too familiar voice exclaimed, pointing to Tamaki. “What? At the mall without one of your bodyguards?”
Tamaki learned silence was the best way to handle these situations, leaning his back against the wall once more, hoping +
that they’d just.. go away.
“Gay and hard of hearing. I was talking to you, you little shit.” He’d pushed Tamaki so that he lost his footing. As he was about to raise a fist to Tamaki, Keigo stepped in.
“We gotta problem here?”
Keigo’s voice was downright bone chilling, +
nearly as intimidating as Mirio’s when he needed it to be.
“Who’s this, your boyfriend?”
“Nope, just the guy who’ll kick your ass without even spilling a drop of his tea.” Keigo spat, stepping forward, throwing his own fist.
Tamaki had more strength than he typically let on, +
stopping Keigo’s fist before it could make contact wirh skin.
“Keigo. A fight with him isn’t worth you losing a scholarship over.” Tamaki always seemed to have to remind Mirio and Keigo not to do anything irritional. Especially at his dispense.
“Lucky your boyfriend’s +
here, sissy. Next time we see you, you’re as good as dead.”
The small group stalked away, Tamaki struggling to stop Keigo from going after them.
“Give me one good reason I shouldn’t hospotalize them for how they treat you.” Keigo seethed.
“For me.” Tamaki looked at him, +
innocent eyes shining. He’d learned in the handful of weeks they’d known each other, Keigo had an unshakable soft spot for him. “I don’t want you to. Besides, look at me, Hawky. I’m perfectly fine.” Tamaki’s grip on Keigo’s arm tightened. “Let’s just go, okay?”
They made their +
way to the sports store to meet up with Mirio.
Their friday afternoon mall trip was an impulse one, seeing as there was a wrestling tournament the following day and Mirio had a head-gear mishap. He couldn’t afford to lose due to something so technical. Not since these last few +
matches determined if he would make states or not.
Tamaki knew both Mirio and Keigo would make states. They were the highest ranked in both of their weight classes, even across all of the surrounding schools.
“Hey, ‘Maki and Keigo!” Mirio lit up at the sight of the pair. +
“You’re just the man I wanted to see!” Mirio pointed at Keigo, tossing a second headgear towards him. “I need you to grapple me to test if i like this set. Once I’m decided, we can go.”
Keigo shrugged, slipping it on. They assumed a basic stance, neither actually trying to go +
at each other, mostly just Keigo trying his hardest to knock Mirio’s headpiece out of place.
Tamaki hated to admit that watching his crush and his newly titled best friend mock wrestling was much more attractive than he’d ever considered. He considered himself lucky they +
weren’t in the same weight class, cause he didn’t know who he’d root for or even how he’d make it through the match without feeling even slightly aroused. He chuckled at himself, watching them fondly.
Mirio had been larger than Keigo, bulkier too. When he figured he’d +
tested the gear to the best of their current ability, he lifted Keigo, spinning him around, their laughter ringing loudly throughout the store. If Mirio wasn’t rich and hadn’t spent so much money there between all his sports, he was positive they’d have gotten kicked out. +
“Flying like a /hawk/ aren’t you, Keigo?” Tamaki joked, and Keigo howled with laughter, finally managing to get Mirio to drop him back onto his feet.
Tamaki’s heart always stopped when Mirio removed his head gear for the first time. He’s always glistening with sweat and +
he’d be damned if that wasn’t one of the more attractive things Tamaki’s ever seen.
“Alright, bro! Got some new gear, ready to pin the competition straight to states, am I right?”
Keigo and Mirio shook on it, a silent pact signifying they’d both make it to states. +
Tamaki knew they would. They were both being scouted with massive scholarships. They’d both crush their matches tomorrow. He could feel it.
They checked out, picking up last minute dinner at the food court before heading to Mirio’s car.
“I ever tell you how great it is +
you have a license AND a car?” Keigo exclaimed, plopping himself down, taking up the entirety of the back seats.
“Why, Hawky can’t fly?” Tamaki joked, Keigo kicking the back of his chair.
“I shoulda let those assholes kill you.”
The pair laughed lightly, but Mirio didn’t +
find it so funny.
“What assholes?” He questioned, struggling to keep his composure.
“It was nothing, right Keigo?” Tamaki shot a look to Keigo, just about begging him not to tell Mirio.
Keigo looked between the two, not knowing whose rath he’d rather face.
“I’m outta this one.” +
Keigo knew Tamaki’d be mad, but it was easier to leave the explaining all up to him. It’d keep Keigo safe from saying the wrong thing.
“Just Brad and his gang. You know how they are.” Tamaki’s voice was small. Conversations like this always made him resort back to the small,
shy boy he was before his friends helped break open his shell.
Mirio slammed on the car’s breaks, causing Keigo to jerk forward. He made the mistake of sitting up so he’d have a perfect view of both guy’s faces, seeing the anger etched on Mirio’s features.
“Did he lay a hand +
on you?” Mirio questioned through gritted teeth, but Tamaki shook his head. “Keigo, tell me the truth.”
“They were gonna. I was in a shop. They stopped when I stepped in.” Keigo admitted, looking apologetically at Tamaki.
“They were only gonna try to rile me up.” Tamaki tried +
to excuse it.
“Keigo, what did they say?” Mirio’s voice sent shivers down both boy’s spines. It was so deep and angry.
“I’m right here and I’m perfectly capable of telling you myself.”
“Then spill it, Tamaki.”
“Absolutely not!” Tamaki exclaimed, “You’re both idiots. People +
have been bullying me for years. I didn’t expect anything to change just because i’m friends with the popular kid, his pretty girls and the cool kid from another school. I’m still me and they don’t like me. But I’m fine and it’s not your problem, okay? Neither of you.” +
“Keigo. What. Did. They. Say.” Mirio repeated himself and Keigo gave in. He told Mirio exactly what he’d walked in on and Mirio was livid.
They’d ended up pulled over, Keigo remained in the car but Tamaki and Mirio stood outside of it, arguing like an angry married couple. +
Mirio tried to talk Tamaki out of attending the tournament the next day, knowing Brad and his gang would be there. He didn’t want to risk it, he couldn’t risk it. Tamaki told Mirio he didn’t control him, that he’d do what he wanted and that he wanted to watch his friends +
wrestling tournament, so he would.
Tamaki was upset with both Mirio and Keigo. He was happy he only lived a few blocks away because much to each of their displeasure, he walked himself home.
Keigo climbed into the front passengers seat, eyes falling on Mirio.
“You know,” +
Keigo began, steadying his breathing. “He’s in love with you.”
Mirio’s anger faltered long enough for him to process Keigo’s words, “That’s not something you should joke about.” Mirio’s voice sounded almost sad.
Keigo hit him on the side of the head, “I’m not joking, stupid..”
Mirio was completely un-calm, only now it was for an entirely different reason. “How blind are you, bro?”
Keigo let out a wicked laugh.
“Did he ever tell you how we met?” Keigo asked and Mirio shook his head ‘no’. “I hit on him, man.” Keigo admitted, fearing for his life +
at the death glare Mirio shot his way. “He rejected me, of course. But I told him we could at least be friends. You know why he rejected me? Because he was ‘too hopelessly in love with his best friend’.”
“You’re lying, Keigo. He would’ve told me.” Mirio was smart, but in this +
moment? He’s never been dumber.
“Think about it bro. A guy like that? Single, gay, attractive? If he wasn’t so far up your ass, I’d have made him mine MONTHS ago.”
Mirio weighed his feelings against the facts.
“I will literally show you texts of him obsessing over you.” +
Mirio smiled this borderline devilish smile that could only be described as genuine happiness.
“I know you like him too.” Keigo sighed. “You’d better treat him right because if I have to give you a speech about how i’ll kick your ass if you hurt him, I don’t know how well +
that’ll work on someone like you.”
Mirio didn’t respond. It seemed like he couldn’t even stop smiling.
“Hello? Earth to Mirio?” Keigo waved his hand in front of Mirio’s face, breaking him out of his trance.
“I can’t believe.. Tamaki. Me? I?”
Keigo laughed, “Stuttering isn’t +
very becoming of you, big guy.”
They shared a laugh. With some more small talk, they decided to call Nejire and Camie.
Since Tamaki never listened when being told what to do, they knew he’d still show up to the wrestling tournament at UA tomorrow. +
They carefully planned: Operation Help Mirio Ask Tamaki Out
What better day to execute the plan than at the following day’s tournament, right?
Because, what could possibly go wrong?
//just remember that this emoji: ❌ signifies any tweets in the thread that’ll have anything i view as ‘triggering content’. trust me, it’s upcoming 😩 will i promise a happy ending? who knows 🤷🏻‍♀️//
(thread cont.)
Everyone was groggy and tired come the next morning, wrestling tournaments always began too early for their liking.
Mirio was dressed in his singlet, ready to lead his team in warmups. It was hard to look at his team and see the faces of the same boys who +
mistreated Tamaki looking back at him. He knew if they’d have been against each other in matches, he’d take them down, no mercy.
They did their stretches, Mirio admittedly going extra hard on the team to take out some left over aggressions.
Since UA was the largest school in +
the area, it’s where all the other schools would gather for the tournaments.
What felt like miles and miles of wrestling mats were set up, Mirio appointing another teammate to be in charge of the stretches and breaking away from his team so he and Coach Inui could greet +
the other teams and appoint them to where they’d drop their stuff and start their warmups.
Come 8 am, families, friends and supporters filled the gym, ready for the all day matches.
Mirio’s eyes never lit so brightly aside from seeing Tamaki. He couldn’t help himself from +
running over and hugging the other.
“I’m sorry we fought. I’m sorry I upset you.” Mirio close to crushed him, Tamaki letting out a small “It’s okay.”
“I’m really glad you made it, ‘Maki.”
Tamaki smiled, crooked and not shy in the slightest, “Yeah, you’d better made it straight +
to the last match and win.”
Mirio had things all planned out, as he pulled Tamaki over to the bleachers where Nejire and Camie already sat. They wore matching almost devious smiles, but Tamaki didn’t notice.
Because today was a tournament, Mirio and Keigo would get to spend +
more time with them and less with their teams (because team matches weren’t always back to back in tournaments, it could be hours before a teammate’s next match).
Tamaki felt eyes on him. He always did. This time, though, it was unsettling. He was there for a good time, so +
he wouldn’t let it get to him.
Today was about cheering on his friends, with his friends and hoping they both made it to states.
Keigo’s first match was the earliest, Tamaki and Mirio sitting on the edges of the mats where he wrestled, rooting him on. It was fun, being so +
close to the action.
Keigo was a great wrestler. Every time you’d think he wasn’t gonna make it, it seemed like he could slip himself out of any situation and gain the upper hand. Keigo flashed them a sly smile, finishing his match out strong. The ref declared him the winner +
and Mirio and Tamaki cheered loudly along with Keigo’s home team.
“Get ‘em, Hawks.” Tamaki yelled, making a sweaty, panting, flustered Keigo snort. Mirio threw a fresh towel at him, telling him to check the stats to see who he’d be wrestling against next.
What felt like hours +
passed before Mirio finally wrestled for the first time. UA had one of the largest teams, therefore they screamed the loudest when one of their own wrestled.
It was a close match and Mirio only won by technical points, but that didn’t matter because he was still advancing. +
He ran straight to Tamaki, excitedly picking him up and swinging him around. It made them both laugh deeply and for once, Tamaki wasn’t embarrassed didn’t care who saw them together.
Mirio put Tamaki down, taking a bottle of p/owerade from Camie, “Thanks, I gotta get ready, +
I think my second match got moved up.”
An hour and a half later, Keigo was finsihed with his own second match, of course he was advancing. It was just moments before Mirio’s second, when Tamaki got extremely claustrophobic. It wasn’t uncharacteristic for him, so he told +
Nejire and Camie he’d be stepping out back and that he’d return before Mirio’s match. They kept a backdoor opened in the gym for the wrestlers and family to get fresh air and Tamaki stepped out.
Keigo was getting praised by some teammates, when his eyes scanned the room, +
he and Mirio had been keeping a close eye on Brad and his gang, but with the thrill of his second win and Mirio getting ready for his next match, he had to admit that his view was obstructed.
Mirio was otherwise occupied and Keigo noticed Tamaki wasn’t with him. He ran over +
to Nejire and Camie, who were sitting with some of the other wrestlers girlfriends, making small talk.
“Where is Tamaki?” he asked, trying not to sound too worried.
“He went out back for some air.”
“Brad and the others are gone, too.” Keigo told them. He needed to tell Mirio, +
but Mirio was already greeting his next opponent, on the mat for his match.
Mirio’s eyes scanned the crowd, disappointed Tamaki wasn’t in his immediate vision, but he knew the other wouldn’t miss one of this matches.
The buzzer signified the match starting, as Keigo made +
a break for the back door.
“Tamaki?” he called out, worry sinking in when he didn’t immediately see the other.
“Tamaki!” he called again, stepping out further, almost positive he heard the sound of laughter. +
Keigo felt like his feet couldn’t carry him fast enough.
His breath hitched and his stomach churned at the sight before him.
This time? All hell would surely break loose. +
//i just wanna stress again that in my threads, this emoji: ❌ is associated with upcoming triggering content. thanks for the support thus far! i’m sorry if my fight scene writing is awful, it’s the first fight i’ve ever written. anyways! enjoy 💗//
(thread cont.)
Keigo couldn’t believe the sight before his eyes; Tamaki, on the floor, beaten within an inch of his life.
All he saw was red- he didn’t know if the red was from sheer anger or if there truly was that much blood in his immediate vision.
Keigo didn’t keep +
tabs on Brad’s gang, so their names escaped him— but all that mattered was there were five, extremely well built men taking turns going at Tamaki.
Keigo noticed the minor blood and cuts on Brad’s gang’s faces, Tamaki’s knuckles had identical bruising to the other five men. +
Keigo felt like he couldn’t get his body to move past movie-style slow motion. It felt like forever before he was actually at anyone’s throat.
His first move was grabbing Brad by his waist, doing all he could to dislodge him from Tamaki.
Keigo knew there wasn’t any +
way he could take on all five guys by himself, but he’d be damned if he let that stop him.
Dodging as many kicks and punches as possible, his focus was on Brad, using every ounce of strength to pin the larger man. Keigo knew he wasn’t stronger, but that didn’t mean +
he didn’t know how to make his punches hurt like hell.
He felt a crack (he didn’t know or care which of their bodies cracked). He was back on his feet within seconds, a powerful kick meeting ribs.
Looking over to Tamaki, he saw the smaller struggling to keep consciousness. +
Keigo wished he could reassure him, but for now, he’d have to settle for Brad’s redhead friend being his next target. He was more powerful, and a knee to Keigo’s chest had him dropping, swearing he no longer had the ability to breathe. Clutching his stomach with his right +
arm, his left fist landed a wicked uppercut on the first jaw he could reach.
“I. Will. End. You.” Keigo punctuated his words with as much ferocity as he could muster. Two men were helping get Brad to his feet, the last coming to the redhead’s aid, trying to throw +
Keigo off by fighting him closely, two on one. Keigo didn’t care, he’d keep all five guy’s attention on him if it meant they’d stop hurting Tamaki.
Unlike in his wrestling, Keigo started the fight with an upper hand and things were admittedly going downhill for him from +
He was quite literally backed into a corner, he didn’t know how he was going to shake these two.
His vision began spotting, the redhead snickered, spitting out blood.
“This fag’s puttin up a better fight, huh?”
Keigo angrily wrapped a hand around the redhead’s throat. +
He slammed the cronies heads into one another, pushing them aside to get to Tamaki.
Blood dripped from both of them, but Keigo needed the pause to make sure the unconscious boy was still with him. Getting a close up look at the boy’s injuries filled him with a new rush of +
“Tamaki!” a familiar voice sounded distraght. Still fully dressed in his singlet and wrestling shoes, sweaty from his match that ended barely seconds ago. “Keigo, I-“ Mirio was thoughtless, the sight in front of him was all to obvious.
He was way quicker +
than Keigo when it came to jumping into action.
Brad already wasn’t in good condition, but the first punch Mirio threw was a bone shattering one that 100% broke Brad’s jaw.
“Help Tamaki.” Mirio ordered and everything about his tone of voice told Keigo finishing the job would +
prove easy for a furious Mirio.
Keigo dropped to his knees, relieved when he felt a pulse and breathing coming from Tamaki. He caught sight of Nejire and Camie who must’ve followed Mirio out. “Call medical.”
Keigo was always so composed but in this moment, his voice +
was frantic, borderline hopeless.
At this point, Keigo could only keep his mind fixed on getting back any form of consciousness from Tamaki.
Mirio was holding his own. He was like some sort of fighting machine. There were broken noses, jaws and all forms of fractured +
bones all around, but Mirio (other than his fists) remained unblemished.
Camie had run to get the on hand medic as well as their team coach. Nejire found herself calling for backup medics, knowing the one truck on hand wouldn’t be anywhere near enough.
Coach Inui’s lack +
of control over the current situation was quite clear, as the remainder of UA’s wrestling team piled out of the gym, at word of a fight, quick to help break it up.
It took three of Mirio’s teammates to even get him off of the guy he was currently beating to a pulp. +
“Kiri, Tetsu, Shoji. I swear to fucking GOD, if you don’t let me go right now!” Mirio was rowdy, thrashing in their arms, trying to do everything in his power to break free and get back to finishing what Brad and his gang started. His fists were ready to throw more blows. +
Kirishima hooked his own arms under Mirio’s, stretching Mirio’s back to keep him from getting loose.
Those who weren’t currently holding Mirio down were keeping Brad’s men at bay.
Keigo helped the medics by lifting Tamaki on the stretcher. He and Camie would be riding in +
the medical truck with Tamaki and Nejire agreed to stay behind to help calm Mirio.
O/fficers were apart of the responders, one cuffed Mirio. Keigo didn’t want to take away time from the medics tending to Tamaki, but he had to speak to Mirio before they pulled away.
Mirio was +
still seething, “Keigo, just take care of him.” There wasn’t much damage he could do with both hands cuffed behind his back. They nodded to each other in silent understanding, Keigo sprinting back to the medic’s truck, they closed the back behind him, driving off. +
The o/fficers needed official statements to determine what actions would need to be taken, if any at all.
Considering Tamaki and Keigo were already taken away for medical treatment and most of Brad’s group was unconscious or rendered unable to speak, they started with Mirio. +
He told them how Brad and his boys bullied Tamaki throughout all of high school. They hadn’t ever really gotten physical before, but he spoke of the few times he stepped in and that tonight was one of those times.
They believed him and he was released.
Mirio thanked +
all things mighty that Nejire knew how to drive, because with the rush he just experienced, he felt in no position to operate a vehicle. She spent the car ride trying to calm him down, whereas he spent the car ride trying to convince her to drive faster.
When they arrived at +
the hospital, they were met with Keigo and Camie in the waiting room.
Keigo had stitches and was bandaged up securely.
“Where is he?” Mirio asked.
“They won’t let us in. We aren’t family; he’s unconscious and underage so he can’t consent to letting us in.” Camie told him. +
“And his parents?” Mirio asked, already not liking what he was being told.
“We called them. They aren’t due back until tomorrow afternoon and we can’t see Tamaki until they say so.” Mirio swears he could hear Camie’s words, but they didn’t matter to him. All that mattered was +
seeing Tamaki and knowing he was okay.
“Dammit!” Mirio punched his fist clean through the wall of the waiting room. He was lucky it was only the four of them and a handful of nurses present.
“Sir, are you alright?” a nurse politely asked, skeptical look in her eyes. +
“No!” Mirio exclaimed, a single tear rolling down his face. “The person I love is in god knows how bad of a condition and I’m stuck out here and can’t be with him. Does anything about that sound okay?”
The nurse looked sympathetic, making her way to him, “Come with me, okay?” +
He was reluctant, but his friends assured him she was probably just taking him to wrap and treat his hands.
She led him into a quiet hall that had no action aside from the occasional doctor or nurse foot traffic.
She stepped in front of a room, nodding towards the glass +
on the door that showed a view of the patient inside.
“Oh no, how foolish of me. I took you down the wrong hall.” her voice was soft and had a mocking air to it. Mirio was quick to take the opportunity to peak through the window on the door. It was Tamaki’s room. He wasn’t +
conscious and he was hooked up to all different tubes.
“I can’t discuss his condition with you or allow you to physically enter his room until you’re cleared by family, but i figured ‘accidentally’ letting you see he was being treated would make you feel a little better.” +
Another year escaped Mirio’s eye, but he smiled. The nurse knew the smile was him saying a wordless thank you.
“Now, we should get your right fist some stitches and your left one wrapped up, sound good?” Mirio took one last look at Tamaki before following her to what he +
assumed was actually the correct hallway.
“He’s lucky to have a boyfriend like you.” the nurse smiled warmly while tending to Mirio’s minuscule wounds.
“Oh, he’s not my-“ Mirio blushed, “He’s not my boyfriend. He will be some day, though.”
He winced as the nurse stitched him +
up, going on about how his other friends spoke so highly of both him and Tamaki.
She led him back to his friends, telling them all they were welcome to spend the night in the waiting room, if anyone wanted, also pointing them in the direction of where to get a small meal and +
a coffee.
“Thanks, Nurse Nana.” Mirio smiled, which she happily returned.
“I’m gonna stay until Tamaki’s parents show.” Mirio broke the silence. Keigo agreed, he wanted to be there when they were finally allowed in to see him.
“I think Camie and I are gonna head home.” Nejire +
was tired, the events of the day were strenuous on them all.
“Take my car,” Mirio tossed Nejire the keys, knowing it was a far walk for them both. “you can bring it back when they let us in for visiting tomorrow.”
Camie perked up, “You guys want us to bring you anything from +
The boys insisted they’d be fine with the food and coffee available to them by the hospital.
They said their goodbyes, Keigo and Mirio both taking seats next to each other on a comfy spot on the carpeted floor.
“Look, Keigo,” Mirio started, eyes burning as they met +
Keigo’s. “I know you love him too and I know we talked about this just yesterday, but man. What you did for him tonight.”
“Yeah, bro. I know.” Keigo smiled, leaning his head on Mirio’s shoulder. “I just wish one of us had made it there, even just a little bit earlier.” +
Keigo used small talk to stay awake, the nurses advising him not to fall asleep right away, in fear of a concussion. Before long though, exhaustion sunk in and both boys let themselves get lulled to sleep by the soft classical music the nurses had been playing. +
They’d both been periodically waking up, from both the regular hustle bustle of a hospital’s waiting room and also from the fact that they’d hoped to see Tamaki’s parents sometime soon..
Mirio’s phone was ringing and it was quite honestly getting annoying so he awoke to answer +
it. “Coach Inui?” his voice was groggy as he spoke. Coach informed him that both he and Keigo had forfeited their last matches of the tournament, but that he explained the situation and both boys would be pardoned, and able to keep their rankings for the next upcoming match. +
Mirio didn’t care how many matches he missed, he was just happy they’d gotten to Tamaki when they did.
“I wanna go get some food.” Keigo stood, but he looked a little wobbly on his feet. Mirio got him to sit back down and said he’d go and Keigo would stay and wait.
They ate +
together, watching nurses, doctors and visiting family members alike pass through the same hall they knew Tamaki’s room was in.
The next morning finally came— it felt like the hours excessively dragged on. A middle aged couple entered the hospital, walking straight up to the +
front desk.
“We’re looking for Tamaki Amajiki.” The woman told the nurse. Mirio was quick on his feet, helping Keigo to stand.
“Hi, sorry to intrude, my name’s Mirio and this is Keigo, we’re friends of Tamaki’s. You must be his parents?” Mirio extended his hand and Tamaki’s +
father shook it.
(author’s note: i’m pretty sure we don’t know Tamaki’s parents in canon so i made up names!)
“I’m Ryu, this is my wife Rei.” he also shook Keigo’s hand, “Is the young lady who called us last night here? I’d like to thank her for calling us.”
Tamaki’s parents +
looked surprisingly warm.
“Oh, Camie? She left last night with our other friend but now that you’re both here we’ll call them both if we are allowed visitation.” Keigo told them. They give the nurses permission to allow the boys in with them.
Tamaki’s father stayed behind to +
discuss Tamaki’s condition, getting all the gritty details of his treatment.
Mirio was the first one at Tamaki’s bedside, entirely content with just getting to sit there and stare at his softly breathing face.
“The nurse says he’s been in and out of consciousness all night.” +
Ryu told them, as he entered the room for the first time, taking in his son’s condition.
“Yeah, every time he’s gotten up he’s asked for his friends but he hasn’t been awake long enough for me to explain why they weren’t allowed in.” Nurse Nana further explained, checking on +
the machine that was attached to him. “He’s okay. No internal bleeding, few fractures and only two broken bones- one in his right rib and the other in his left arm. Once he’s able to hold consciousness, he’ll be able to get released.”
Everyone in the room let out unintentional +
sighs of relief at those words. Keigo thought the room looked a little crowded, so he excused himself so he could call Nejire and Camie.
When the girls arrived, they’d brought Mirio and Keigo a change of clothes, as well as an oversized sweater and sweatpants for Tamaki to +
change into whenever he was released.
With the girls now there, the nurses advised it’d be best that they take turns visiting or at least tried to limit the amount of people in the room at a time, so everyone but Mirio took turns coming in and out.
Once Mirio was freshly +
changed into new clothes, he straight up refused to leave Tamaki’s side.
Before long, the day was over. Tomorrow was a school day to which Nejire and Camie would have to return. Though Keigo’s school, Shiketsu, was much more strict than UA, Keigo has his parents call and told +
them he needed to stay out longer for additional recovery time. Mirio did the same, though none of the teachers thought Mirio would return to school so soon, after the events of the day before.
It was quiet, Mirio and Keigo both sat at Tamaki’s sides. His parents left to pick +
them all up some dinner. Nothing was said, but it was comfortable.
Tamaki’s eyes fluttered open for the first time since they’d been allowed to visit. He was a little panicked at first, but immediately relieved when he saw Mirio and Keigo at his sides.
“Hey, ‘Maki.” Mirio +
lightly squeezed his hand.
“What h-happened?” the two could tell he was forcing his voice out, his eyes blinked as if he were struggling to keep himself awake.
“Everything’s okay.” they reassured him with teary eyed smiles. He didn’t stay awake for much longer, the nurses +
said that was normal, though.
The first few days past almost exactly the same, only each time Tamaki awoke, he was up for longer and was able to speak easier. He was even allowed to be transferred to a less intensive care room.
The nurses considered him lucky, as +
his body was reacting very well to the medication and was healing perfectly on track.
Since, Mirio and Keigo took turns going home to shower and change, but other than that, the pair could still be found basically glued to Tamaki’s bedside.
After a full week, Tamaki was able +
to stay awake for a full day. He was still mostly drowsy, but the nurses figured he’d be on his feet, ready to be checked out soon.
Tamaki was sat up in his hospital bed, surrounded by his friends (his parents were at home, working from their laptops).
“So, when are you guys +
going to tell me what happened? Because my memories are kind of a blur.” Tamaki asked, shaky hands bringing his soup up to his face to eat.
Mirio and Keigo shared knowing glances. They couldn’t hide it from Tamaki for forever.
“Right.” Keigo started, “After you went outside +
for a breather, you were gone so long I came to look after you. Brad and his gang were already there and they’d done quite a number on you when i saw you the first time.”
“I had my match, I noticed you weren’t in the crowd but I couldn’t stop to find you.” Mirio continued, +
“After I won, I swear I couldn’t get my head gear off fast enough, my mind was only on trying to find where you and Keigo had been.”
“When Mirio got there, I wasn’t fairing too well on my own. You were already completely knocked out.” Keigo’s voice was sad. He went to say more +
but Camie cut him off- “It was totally awesome, though! Keigo was kicking some ass, then Mirio started kicking even more ass, then BAM! Brad and his boys were down. It was crazy! In the years I’ve known Mirio, he’s never kicked ass so hard before.”
Nejire agreed, “Yeah, this +
was the first time he ended up in handcuffs!”
The girls laughed it off but the boys seemed more serious.
“You got handcuffed?” Tamaki’s voice was as angry as they’d ever heard it. “You idiot! We you cuffed too?” Keigo shook his head ‘no’.
“God, I wish I could hit you right now +
for being so stupid!”
The group could physically see the spike in Tamaki’s heart rate, as his monitor ear-piercingly beeped.
“Tamaki, calm down.” Mirio tried to settle him, a hand sliding into Tamaki’s own, but he wasn’t having any of that.
“Don’t tell me to calm down!” +
his words left him borderline winded, so he took a deep breath before continuing, “What if either of you got into serious trouble? How would I live with that?”
“We haven’t yet, so it’s fine. But, I don’t care, I’d do it again.” Keigo told him.
Tamaki bit his tongue, he knew he +
couldn’t win this argument, so he did all he knew he could.
“You know what, I really think I’d like to be alone right now.” He told them all, shifting uncomfortably in his bed. Nejire and Camie has respect for his personal space, but it was harder for Mirio and Keigo to accept. +
“You can’t just kick us out because you’re mad.”
“I am not mad. But if you don’t leave after I’ve told you to, I will be.”
Exchanging glances with a wordless conversation, the group gathered their things and left. +
They knew how upset he was and concluded they should respect his space.
Mirio and Keigo finally returned to their respective schools. It was hard for Mirio to focus, between the constant whispers about him and Tamaki and the thoughts that he was *here* and not *there*. +
Not seeing Tamaki was driving him crazy, so after two days he had to visit the hospital and see him.
When he got there, Tamaki’s parents were in the room with him. His new room had a couch in it, so it looked like they were set up with their work laptops on the couch, as +
Tamaki was peacefully sleeping.
Rei caught a glance of Mirio at and invited him in. “Ryu and I will be leaving soon, we have some more work to do. He just fell asleep maybe an hour ago, so he’ll probably be out for awhile still.”
Mirio quietly thanked them, just waiting around +
again for Tamaki to wake up.
Seeing him in the same room as his parents and also peacefully sleeping was really nice. It brought a huge smile to Mirio’s face.
Two hours later, Tamaki’s parents began packing their things up, ready to head home for the night. Another hour after +
that, Tamaki began stirring, waking up.
“Hey you.” Mirio said softly when he saw Tamaki’s eyes were open. When the other didn’t complain about his presence, he got up and sat on the side of the hospital bed. “How’re you feeling?”
“Better. Just.. tired.” Tamaki couldn’t meet +
Mirio’s eyes. It was like he reverted back to his old, shy self.
“Mirio?” his small voice called, Mirio hummed in response. “Why did you— you and Keigo, do that?”
“Look at me.” Mirio’s hand hesitantly reached out to cradle Tamaki’s face, his eyes meeting the other’s. +
“I did it because I love you.”
Tamaki’s usual flushed straight up to his ears look returned, eyes blinking hard as if he almost didn’t believe Mirio was actually here, telling him the truth.
“Y-you do?”
“Who wouldn’t?” Mirio chuckled lightly. “I’ve loved you for so long, it’s +
refreshing to finally be able to say it to you.”
Tamaki absolutely beamed.
“I was going to ask you out after the tournament last week. Everyone gave me great suggestions and I had the whole thing planned out.” Mirio admitted.
Tamaki dryly laughed at the irony of Mirio taking +
the time to plan, but things going as far from good as possible.
“Humor me and tell me about your plan?”
“Well, for starters, nothing that happened.. would’ve actually happened. I was supposed to finish the tournament, win all my matches and we were all supposed to go out and +
celebrate.” he smiled, “Then, I’d have dropped the rest of the group home and it’d be just us. I wanted to take you out for ice cream, your favorite, where I was going to tell you about my feelings.” Mirio chuckled at his own thoughts, “I had this whole speech prepared, where +
I was going to tell you how i fell for you and all the reasons I love you. It would’ve been cheesy, but effective.” they looked deeper into each other’s eyes, sharing a smile. “Then, depending on how you felt, I’d sweep you off your feet and get to kiss you for the first time.” +
Mirio looked down at Tamaki, both affectionately but also expectantly. He needed to know how the other felt. Tamaki used his free, mobile hand to grab the chest of Mirio’s shirt, pulling the boy down, faces close enough to touch. +
“I love you, too.” Tamaki whispered, punctuating the sentence with a chaste yet emotion-filled kiss.
“I hope you know, one of these days, I’m gonna force that little speech you prepared out of you.” Tamaki told him and Mirio laughed.
“You won’t have to.” Mirio smirked. +
“We’ll have more than enough time together for me to tell you all of the ways that I love you.”
With that, they shared another kiss, completely fine with doing nothing but basking in each other’s presence.
This was how things were meant to be.
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