Reading a thread about “why would she even choose to be a prosecutor? Why would a progressive party want a prosecutor?” And it occurs to me that this framing is *because* she’s a Black woman. 1/
Progressives aren’t against prosecution. Hell, the Bernie Branch got started with Occupy Wall Street which was demanding prosecutions! 2/
Progressivism includes wanting successful prosecution of rapists, violent cops, etc. progressivism is not anti-prosecution. Progressives love progressive prosecutors. Except...3/
When she’s a Black woman because a Black woman prosecutor is ONLY seen through a lens of injustice to Black people in the system. Then all that injustice is hung around her neck, despite her years of work to ameliorate it. 4/
It’s a psychological glitch:
See Black woman; hear ‘prosecutor’; think ‘injustice for Black people’; think ‘she did injustice’! Grab pitchfork.
Occupy Wall Street was all about wanting prosecutions for white collar crime.
BLM is all about wanting prosecutions of cops.
MeToo is all about wanting prosecutions for sexual assaulters.
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