Rejoice and be of good cheer, little flock, for most of these goons are going to prison.

Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Lisa Page, Bob Mueller, Andrew Weismann, Brandon Van Grack and about a dozen others...

Man, it's almost unfair.

They had NO IDEA who they were messing with.
Always struck by those who think the evidence is being slow rolled out timed for the election who thing when all the pieces are in place around August, the goal is for Barr & Durham & Jensen to just give the SpyGate plotters a hearty wave as they all walk away free.

When these SpyGate indictments drop around July/August, that's gonna be one hell of a run up to the election on Nov. 3.

Imagine rally after rally where Trump gets to regale those MASSIVE AUDIENCES in the arenas & on the internet & TV with the latest developments.
Trump can **already** go out in any rally he holds from now on and talk AT LENGTH about how BOTH Obama & Biden **lied their assess off** about not being involved or knowing anything about the fake investigation the FBI launched to frame an innocent @GenFlynn.
By September/October? He'll be saying stuff like "Wow did you see that Comey indictment? All those charges...including for leaking! I told you that guy was a leaker!"

And "Anybody seen McCabe on CNN lately? Good thing he listened to his lawyers!"




Trump's team spent over 3 years preparing for what's going to unfold over the next 4 months.

DNC Media **hide** the SpyGate developments?

It's not even **possible**.

Anybody who tells you it is? They're yanking your chain.
Again: all the doom criers and gore crows and panic mongers out there don't grant Trump any AGENCY.

He's sitting on his ass in the White House chugging Diet Coke and watching The Gorilla Channel hoping things work out for the best.
You are going to watch a presidential campaign unfold over the next 4 months that is unlike ANYTHING this country has ever seen before.

And you can quote me on that.

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