The amount of racism, especially state-sponsored racism & discrimination, Kurds face in the Middle East is unmatched. From the ban of language and culture, to the denial of basic civil rights, to the fear of Kurdish jinns, everything comes together to oppress the Kurds.
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In Turkey, for example, Kurdish existence had been denied for almost 80 years. Kurds were called "Mountain Turks," their language was banned, they were & are being murdered. Here, you see Turkish soldiers forcing Kurdish kids to write, "Happy are those who call themselves Turk."
Turkey's racism has a simple reason. By acknowledging the Kurds, Ankara would have to acknowledge that the Ottoman Empire, it's pride & joy, had a Kurdish history, too. It'd take away the Lone Mighty Turk myth that feeds the country's megalomania whenever needed inside & out.
Even the change from the Arabic script to the Latin script helped Turkey in its racism. Most Turks today, can't read Ottoman literature and thus don't know anything about their own history or that, for example, this Ottoman map clearly depicts Kurdistan, the land of the Kurds.
Just like Turkey, Iran does not allow Kurds to study in their mother tongue. Thus, the state's racism makes it harder to get good grades since Persian isn't their native language. And again, as in Turkey, you can see time and again bannings of Kurdish clothes in Iran. (Photos)
While Kurds make up around 12-16% of Iran's population, ~50% of the country's political prisoners are Kurds, according to the UN. Tehran's racism goes even further, a "disproportionally high number" of executions are carried out vs. Kurds in the country. Racism par excellence.
Khomeini believed Kurds were Jinn, spirit-like beings created by God, just like humans. Although Jinn have free will, can be good/less good, Iran uses this legend to convince ppl that Kurds aren't human & must be killed. This book isn't anti-Kurdish, it's to show the myth exists.
The Jinn myth is widely believed by many in the Middle East, including & especially in the Arab world. Iraq's and Syria's racism toward Kurds has been constant since these two countries were created by European colonial powers, but became especially brutal w/the rise of Baathism.
Many know the largest genocide ever carried out vs. Kurds was the Anfal by Iraq. Or that Syria stripped the Kurds of their citizenship, thus banning them from almost anything. But even today, Arab racism continues. In 2017, Kirkuk's police chief was not allowed to speak Kurdish.
In an interview, Tunisian-Algerian author Kamel Riahi said: "We still curse each other using "you’re Jewish" or "you’re Kurdish," this is also racial & religious discrimination." The Arab world loves to mix their anti-semitism with their anti-Kurdistanism, as seen here in Basra.
Intl' media has a big part in passively supporting this racism, avoiding the term "Kurdistan," a constitutional name in Iraq & instead using the old Baathist political term "Northern Iraq," which is not about direction. They'd been told many times, and knowingly ignore the fact.
All this racism comes from mentioned countries. At the same time, it wouldn't be possible without their intl backers: countries that claim to have outstanding values or to be anti-imperialist, and what else. Values & Anti-Imperialism are just void when it comes to Kurdistan. End.
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