Includes: 1 Record player, 2 Vinyls of winners choice, Grey TPWK hoodie AND the blue/pink tpwk ink hoodie!!

Rt and like
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Proof of order!!💖
Winner will be chosen July 31st bc we want to make sure we have the hoodies on hand by then! 💖
The record player will be completely chosen by winner and you can choose any player up to 80$! The hoodies will be either a size medium or large since those are the only sizes I have extras of. The vinyls are completely up to the winner and can be from any fandom!
Since I work at target I’ll be able to get like 99% of current target exclusive vinyls if you choose two of those!
Please if you have a minute also sign these petitions! 💖
Also please read up on this terrible story. Nobody deserves to go through what these two innocent men went through 💖 ⬇️
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